Benefits Of Plantain

PLANTAIN is known as a wonderful blood cleanser. It’s also an effective cure against venomous snake bites and scorpions stings.
Plantains are nutritious and offer several health benefits in addition to their delicious flavor. Plantain is rich in solids and lower in water content than most other fresh fruits. Plantain can be stewed, mashed, grilled, fried or plain boiled before consumption. It can also be pounded and mashed to make face packs and stop external bleeding.
Plantain can be used for medicinal purposes. It can be used for the cure of blood and limb poisoning; it reduces venom caused inflammation and effectively dries excess moisture. Plantain is found to be extremely effective against kidney and bladder problems.
Plantain tea is known to soothe the bladder and is usually recommended against welting, dropsy and water retention. Plantains can be chomped\ grounded into a paste to stop bleeding.
Plantain is also useful against heavy menstrual cycles; the water can be used to stop blood flow on cuts and wounds for quick relief. Since plantain has a high epidermal growth, it can be used to fix damaged tissues, treat bruises and broken bones.
Plantains are similar to banana with the exception that when cooked they remain firm. Plantains can be eating green as a starchy food or ripe. Plantains boost kidney health; help the body retain more calcium, phosphorous and nitrogen which help rejuvenate your healthy tissues. The sugar in plantains can easily be metabolized and digested by the body.
Plantain skin can aid in healing warts, poising ivy and bruises. It contains high level of vitamin A, potassium, calcium, iron and fiber. Plantain will do wonders at keeping you regular and will relive you from constipation. Plantain are low in sodium, it can help elevate skin allergies, plantains and yellow bananas are an essential food for anyone suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) because they contain natural mood enhancers.
Plantain can be used to treat wrinkles. According to Mrs. Franca uzor, a plantain seller said plantain is good in every form you consume it. I confirm this since I and my husband eat plantain for a month, both of us where very strong and healthy.
Plantains are used to treat burns. Applying plantain topically to the skin may help to treat burns. Externally, plantain is often used for reliving skin inflammations, soothe pain, reduce tissue inflammation and encourage tissue repair. Plantain contains fiber, beta-carotene, calcium, and vitamin.
Fiber-. One plantain can supplies several grams of fiber to your diet, fiber is an important nutrient because it helps decrease your chances of suffering from heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers such as colon cancer. Fiber also helps prevent constipation by keeping your intestinal tract working the way it should.
Beta- carotene- plantains are also a source of beta –carotene, which the mayo clinic says you need to produce sufficient amounts of vitamin A. vitamin A is essential for eye health, as well as normal growth. A diet lacking in vitamin A can result in difficulty seeing in the dark dry eyes, eye infection and unhealthy skin. Adding cooked plantains to your diet is one way to increase your diet, intake of these important vitamins.
Calcium- your bones, teeth, nails and muscles rely on an adequate intake of calcium to strong bones, which help prevent breaks and fractures as well as diseases, such as osteoporosis, as you age. Calcium also aid in keeping your teeth healthy so you are less likely to experience cavities. Periodontal disease and teeth that fall went easily. Including plantains in your diet can help you consume more calcium.
Vitamin c- plantains are also a source of vitamine c. one plantain are also a source of  vitamin c one plantain supplies you with 20mg of vitamin c in each 3.5 oz. this translate to between 40mg and 60mg of vitaminc. Consuming enough vitamin c helps your body fight off infections that can lead to sickness and also promotes healthy gums, teeth and skin. Getting plenty of vitamin c also helps your body absorbs the iron you consume from your food so you are able to produce red blood cells and provide oxygen throughout your body.
The benefits of plantain are just unparalled. They are usually cooked and consumed and are belived to potent sources of vitamin a, potassium. Plantain is an excellent combo of energy, tissue- building elements, minerals and proteins.

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