A New Dawn In Agbon Kingdom

A new dynasty has unfolded in Agbon Kingdom with His Royal Majesty, Ogurimerime Ukori I Mike Omeru JP who was born in Kokori, Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta State, on September 29th, 1950 to Chief Omeru Okoro of Egbo Street and Mrs. Emeteigho Omeru Nee Ebobe of Ekpagha street, in Kokori.
Both Families trace their ancestry to Ararharo and Udu the grand children of Agbon and founders of Kokori sub clan.
His mother was a renowned Business woman, the first woman to buy a white superb Raleigh Bicycle in her days in Kokori. She brought up her children with a sound Education.
His Royal Majesty attended Baptist Primary School, Kokori, and St Kevin’s College, also in Kokori, where he passed out with flying colours, in December 1969. Armed with a flair for the Arts and Languages, he proceeded to college of Education, Abraka, now Delta State University. Abraka, where he studied English and French. He not only graduated with top grades, but also attended the University De Benin, Lome Togo, where he bagged a Diploma in French.
Not satisfied with the NCE and a Diploma, he preceded to the United Kingdom, where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Higher Education Management from the University of Hull, Hull, England. At that time, University of Hull was the premier University in the British Commonwealth for law and Educational Studies. However, it is worthy of note that his majesty punctuated his working years with study leave approvals at different times to pursue his NCE and degree programme respectively.
He began his working career as a Primary School Teacher in various Locations and later taught at St Kevin’s College Kokori and St Manacle’s College, Sapele. After some years, he moved to the petroleum Training Institute, Effurun, to offer his services first in the academics. He rose to become the Head of public Affairs Department, image maker of the institution.
He retired voluntarily in 1990 from the petroleum training institute into private life, during which time he straddled across business and politics.
His Royal Majesty Ogurimerime Ukori I was a member of several boards of agencies in both the former Bendel State and Delta State.
He was a member of the Bendel Sports Council from 1983 to 1984, member Library Board from 1990 to 1991, chairman, Delta Library Board from 1991 to 1992, supervisory councillor, Ethiope East Local Government Council from 1994 to 1996 and chairman Niger construction Ltd (Niger cat).
As a member and later chairman of the Library Boards both in the Defunct Bendel State and Delta States respectively, he was a material to the establishment of public Libraries at Eyara, Sapele, Ubiaja, Isiokolo and Burutu.
He renovated the Ughelli and Warri Libraries. He also chaired the very last Bendel State Book Fair.
As a supervisory councillor for Education he renovated blocks of classrooms in Abraka and Kokori, piloted the landscaping of the front view of the Delta State University Abraka, established a Local Government Nursery School at Eku and stopped the collection of chalk levy in primary schools in the Local Government Area. He also provided assistance to a number of publics and students who were unable to continue their studies due to financial challenges.
His management wizardry was fully demonstrated when he became the chairman of Niger construction Limited (Niger cat), within a short period of his mounting the saddle, he midwifed the growth of the company from a Local construction, outfit to a national road construction giant with high level turnover. He was also able to provide gainful employment to teaming youths in Delta State and in other states where the company had road projects. Through his visionary leadership the Ondo State and Auchi, in Edo State and acquired more plants and machinery. With his wide spread good will, the company secured contracts from Federal and State Governments nationwide, including annual road maintenance contract from the Federal Emergency Roads maintenance Agency (FERMA). The most noticeable aspect of his achievements in this regards, is the good number of  roads that criss-cross Delta, Anambra, Ondo, Imo, Rivers States  constructed by Niger cat and the nearly 100 percent linkage by State Roads.
Being a national figure, his Majesty has participated in various forums on national issues over the years, such forums include but not Limited to presentation of a paper to the professor cookey political Bureau in 1986, presentation of a paper for the Demand of the creation of Delta State in 1988, presentation of a paper to the chief Ray Inije’s Transition Committee in Delta State in 1999. With reference to Agbon Kingdom, his title of Ehara of Agbon aptly depicts his life as the Umbrella of the Kingdom which forms the fulcrum of this gathering. Moreover, he was a past President-General of Kokori community both at home and abroad for several years, during which time, he instilled disciplined and transparency in their affairs of the community.
Due to his unflinching support and personal involvement in the affairs of the Kingdom, he was conferred with an Agbon chieftaincy title on the 19th of April, 1887, and thus became the youngest chief in Agbon then. He was, in no small measure, actively involved in palace, traditional, developmental and culture affairs of the Kingdom for over 25 years before his ascension to the throne and subsequent coronation as the 2nd Ovie of Agbon Kingdom in February 2013, his Majesty is, indeed, a square peg in a square hole as true Kingship Material hitherto. Humble and down to earth, his Majesty was a founding and loyal member of the people Democratic Party (PDP), politics without bitterness and politics for selfless service and development were his watch words. As a matter of fact, he succeeded in this regard.
In conclusion, as an individual, his Majesty is a Likeable person whose presence in any environment serves as light to the feet of others. He makes the happiness of others his business with total and unalloyed commitment. It should, therefore, be noted with Utmost pleasure, that due to his widespread and roaring acceptability, his choice by the people of Agbon Kingdom as their new king was rancour-free and extensively acclaimed. By this gesture, Agbon people have exhibited the mien of a united entity with a common destiny with the comity of Urhobo ethnic Nationality. Long live our new King.