Miriam’s Farewell To Spinsterhood

WEDDING fever seems to have invaded The Pointer newspaper in the past year 2011. Some of my pets within the Pointer feeling so bored with both bachelorhood and spinsterhood decided to quit the scene for the dignified world of married men and women. The first to tell me he was quitting the playboy scene was Lucky Oyibo from the home of Jesse Fires, who was lucky, as his name suggests, escaped the Fires caused by the conflagration of Fuel pipes that were busted by his siblings, who were busy scooping fuel with buckets and drums. That was 12 years ago. Some 2000 or more souls died in the inferno. The good news is that just some five months ago when the marriage was consummated, the lucky wife of Lucky had put to bed a bouncing baby boy. Lucky junior if you ask me. What may have happened may have been that the Lucky was rather too fast even for the officiating priest to discover the pregnant wife before they got to the altar.
I congratulate him because the prize a man gets from marriage is early babies. I owe him two dozens of nappies and a dozen of baby food.
Also in the month of December, my other female pet, a computer genius and a graduate of Industrial Mathematics, Miss Miriam Udele, from Delsu, Abraka got hooked to her heart throb, Mr. Ogheneganre Akporido, Uvwiemuge Agbarho , decided to become husband and wife.
The young and electable petty girl, who has been processing my columns in the Pointer for the better part of last year and this year, invited me to witness her wedding. I could not make the trip to Oghara within the period of the wedding because reports spoke about the kidnapping of the Registrar of the Ogharefe Polytechnic. My fear was genuine because my dress code looked more like an Indian or Pakistani and could have been made a victim.
Since I could not honour her wedding day, Miriam also shares same first name with my senior daughter who also got married some three years ago and currently working on her second baby after her first son last year.
When I saw her in the office, I apologized profusely for my inability to attend her wedding. The least I could do to support her was to do a piece on her well deserved wedding to her sweet heart, which is as old as Miriam, the Sweet Sixteen.
It is indeed right and proper for journalists to go into early marriage because after twenty five years it becomes increasingly difficult for the women to find a marriageable Man.
Mr. Akporido, a Mechanical Production Engineer from FUTA Akure, is an Abuja based businessman today. My prayer for the young couple is for them to be like Lucky Oyibo, one of the fastest goal scorers in matters of bedmatics. When contacted through telephone, Miriam now Mrs. Ogheneganre Akporido replied. ‘I am working hard under him and we leave the rest to God Almighty, the ultimate giver of children’.
All the same, the human input and effort, the desired sweating under one’s sweet heart could make all the difference. He should relocate to Delta instead of Abuja because of temptations on both sides of the divide, Abuja and Asaba. He should come home to Delta and posses his possession.
May he score twins in this first outing, especially for a pretty littler sweet girl who appears famished after the historic wedding in Oghara city should not be allowed to wait in cold nights especially these Harmattan nights. May they multiply and fill the earth according to the Pastor and God’s injunction.