You Left Me In Tears

I met Ejiro at the University of Benin, Benin City, on August 16, 1990, at a dinner party organised in honour of one of our friends who had just returned from Europe. She came to the party with her friend on the invitation of one of the lecturers who was her boyfriend.
The party had not gone anywhere when Helen became sick. She had fever the previous day. I took both of them home on the instruction of her boyfriend whose car was faulty. After she had taken the sleeping tablets prescribed by one of the medical doctors in the party, I insisted on going back to the party with her friend as there were few girls in the party.
She permitted us to go but cautioned that we should “take’am easy-oo” (take care) and closed her eyes.
After the party, I left for my home after “dropping” Ejiro at her flat with the promise to see her later in the day.
I wouldn’t say I didn’t like Ejiro because she looked almost like my former girlfriend I lost to a ghastly motor accident six months ago. I lost her just a week to our marriage and I did promise not to love again.
Looking at Ejiro was like looking at a painted Virgin Mary in the Bible. Innocent, pure and fresh from the womb. She has a well prepared lips, spaced milky teeth which matched her smart egg-shaped face. Her smiles exhibit her proud shape and regal movement which gives the impression of a Princess but she is not one, she is just “cool”, “soft” and “fresh” like the early morning Hibiscus flower. Her thin legs, coupled with her very beautiful structures, remind you of a river “goddess”.
I did “call” on her as promised in the company of Helen, her friend.
Helen was understandable and encouraged our being together especially when she learnt about our predicament. And since then, we have been together as friends anywhere, any place and any time.
We used to visit each other regularly without qualm. We go to parties, market, recreational centres and visit some friends and relations. We eat and bathe together without making love. We did agree that we will “introduce” ourselves to each other’s parents whenever the need arises but certainly not immediately. The way we managed ourselves; inseparable, except during office hours, taught me an idea that friends are sweeter without love-making. There is maturity, respect, understanding and down to earth.
But there is no truth without love making. If the man doesn’t ask, the woman will certainly do. And we did arrange the day we will both “introduce” ourselves and we made full preparation for it. After all, we are both adults. We went to the market, bought some foodstuff, drinks and every necessity required for the night. Don’t ask me if I bought “rain coat?” because that would be tantamount to mischievousness.
We prepared the food together because I am also as good a cook as she is. We took our bath together after eating before we drove out foresight-seeing. In the afternoon, we went to visit some few friends, play the game of monopoly and chess before we ended the entire affairs discussing our future especially our marriage. I insisted on having a baby-boy as a first child, while she preferred a baby-girl who would assist her in maintaining the home. We relaxed, kissed briefly and “necked” seriously.
She knew my plans and she was prepared. At exactly 11 p.m., the almighty NEPA, as we used to call them and still refer to them till date, distorted our plans. The light just went off without any warning and we remained in darkness. We had to grope our ways blindly outside. We had to look for mat and spread it at the corridor and we laid together as we received the natural fresh air while discussing in low tones. As we were discussing, my childhood lady-lover sent her younger sister to me. She stays in the opposite flat directly to Ejiro’s own. Each time I visit Ejiro, I always tried to avoid her but because she has just relocated to the flat that was vacant for years, but this time, this day, this night I couldn’t hide anymore because I was filled with a lot of excitement looking forward to something special. I didn’t want to go, but Ejiro persuaded me to answer the “call”. I left after about thirty minutes of argument.
People say there is devil everywhere but I don’t believe them but that night, I was convinced that it resides in us. He is everywhere, anywhere at any time. My old lady-lover was a different person that night! You may not understand what I am talking about, but those who have experienced where I am coming from would know what I am saying. She was not only too deductive but fresher, younger with the Holy Product American Jeans which matches the tight “Tee” shirt she wore. I was half aroused before, but it was so heightened that I couldn’t control myself. I was not only “useless” but “hopeless” to the extent that I didn’t know what was happening to me. I was in fact, “lost”. Lost to fantasy. Useless to lust. My state was that of ‘wetin go happen make ‘e happen”. An hour with my old lady was like a second as she wrapped me in her bosom like a baby. The scent of her “love-now” perfume, “Oh yo now powder” coupled with her sweet kiss and cuddling sent me into “heaven”. In fact, words are too inadequate to express my charmed state as I forgot Ejiro. I did enjoy every moment of her romance and forgot completely that my dear Ejiro was waiting for me at the same corridor alone under the cold morning dew of 5.00 a.m. She waited and waited till 6.00 a.m. but I didn’t show-up. She did not give up. She was torn between tiredness and expectation. She still waited and not tired of expecting me.
I realised my mistakes when I woke up the next day and saw a written message through her neighbour’s son, “You Left Me In Tears”. To say I almost collapsed when I saw her sitting with strained eyes on the same spot where I left her for that expensive “CALL”, is to put it mildly. I knelt down wept like a kid and begged her to forgive me.
Although we are happily married today, but whenever I remember the day I left Ejiro for another woman, I always feel guilty.