Implement Govt Programme At The Rural Communities, Says Feh

By Harrison Akamule
The Government of Delta State has been urged to replicate its programmes in the rural Communities so as to achieve the intended purpose.
The Chairman of Okoloba Community in Bomadi Local Government Area, Delta State, Mr. Ojobo-owei Feh made this statement in Okoloba during the inauguration ceremony of the EduMarshal Committee members.
He stated that most laudable and well intended policies of government could not see the light of day because rural people were not given the opportunity to prove their worth and make useful contributions.
According to Mr. Feh, the EduMarshal programme was timing, and was most needed in the rural Communities where young people did not want to go school even when some parents were trying their best to send their children to school. Saying, if properly handled, it would transform and bring the needed expectations in the educational sector.
He stated that the educated man is always sensitive to the conditions around him, and he uses the knowledge to improve those conditions for the good of all. He added that there is no metre stick to measure the importance of education to people.
The Okoloba Community chairman pointed out that, the EduMarshal members are not on salary because the community does not have financial strength to pay them for now. He solicited the government assistance no matter how little it is to encourage them.
Feh, therefore advised the EduMarshal members to be fair, and do their work in accordance with the rules guiding them.
He appealed to parents in the community to cooperate and collectively assist EduMarshal members in seeing that their children go to school. In his words, “ The Children are the future leaders, for them to attain that Leadership position, they must be properly equipped educationally for the task ahead.”