Delta: As Xmas And New Year Celebrations Beam With Colours

The Christmas festivity is here and Delta State is booming with all feverish preparations for travel, holiday, exchange of gifts, caroling and all manner of celebrations.
However, it must be realized and understood that we need to make it a period of reflective evaluation of our lives as individuals, our nation and the society at large just as this period is over-loaded with activities- Politics.
When we x-ray our country today and ourselves as individuals we find striking prevalence of selfishness, greed, avarice, brigandage, pomposity and extravagance. There is also a mad rush to join the bandwagon as no one wants to be left behind. All attempts at sanitizing the situation and curtailing the ravenous appetite for self-aggrandizement continue to be futile. But, been that Delta State is the Finger Of God, we thread with caution and happiness to celebrate this year’s festivity and praying to witness next year’s celebrations in peace.
This Christmas, the focus must be on the reason for the season – Jesus Christ our Saviour. Jesus Christ left His heavenly glory, majesty and splendour, emptied Himself of all and came down as man in lowliness. Born in a manger for a life of service, in humility to save mankind from eternal destruction and to give a model by which man can be right with God living an acceptable life for the common good of all.
We call on all leaders, in particular, which includes everyone who holds a position of responsibility or who have position of privilege, to voluntarily and willingly let go instead of holding tight to the power, trappings and grandeur of office and let God use them for the emancipation of the downtrodden and under privileged masses amongst us.
Companies, corporations and government lavish a lot of money in buying cards and making Hampers, which are given out at this season. That is fine! But we must go further to work assiduously for a more permanent solution to the needs and aspirations of the down trodden and their development because what Christ came to do for us is permanent and eternal.
I challenge all Nigerians this Christmas to identify someone or some group or some community in this country who are in need and decide to make a difference in their situation. Wishing all my readers a fabulous and grand Xmas and New Year with lots of colours.