Welcome To 2015

THERE is usually a link of authentication between a prediction and its eventual fulfillment or its coming to pass in the public domain. In Nigeria, 2015 is not just any year, it is the fateful year that had been predicted as habouring the seed for the eventual disintegration of Nigeria’s federation.
It is, therefore, not much of a surprise that in contemporary Nigerian history, no year had been anticipated as much as the year 2015. The year 2015, much on the front burner of public political discourse had been awaited with so much projection and divergent political permutations. At the international arena, it had been dubbed Nigeria’s defining year with history.
Awaited with much funfair and political theatrics, the year 2015 has eventually transcended the realm of predictions and political permutations to that of reality, a historic dateline with days, weeks, months and critical decisions that will shape destinies and the future of Nigeria, nay Africa imbedded in its time frame.
With a carryover of baggage of unresolved labour issues in the public sector and a crashing oil price that has come to an all-time low of 57 dollars per barrel, 2015 is a most significant dateline for Nigeria as critical economic and political decisions will be made at the public domain.
As the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP), will slug it out with former military head of State Major General Mohammadu Buhari ( rtd) of the All Progressive Congress (APC), we call for political maturity and tolerance of each others views.
Much awaited, so much talked about 2015 is here at long last. To everyone that survived 2014, said to be the year of regional Ebola virus scare, we say congratulation and welcome to the all important year 2015.
Whereas some sections of the international community will be anticipating the fulfillment of dooms year prediction of disintegration, Nigerians are resolved that 2015 is Nigeria’s date with history as it pertains to the deepening of the nation’s democratic culture and public administration practices.
Apart from being a crucial election year, 2015 is a critical year for the rebuilding of the nation’s economy from the unwholesome dependency on revenue from oil to a robust and diversified economy that will present a virile platform for sustainable growth in the manufacturing, agricultural, solid mineral, tourism and other service-oriented sectors.
The much awaited year is here at last, still very pregnant. The delivery is awaited with some level of anxiety and calculated anticipation. On this auspicious historic dateline of a successful crossover to the much awaited year 2015, we congratulate Nigerians and call on all and sundry to approach the new year with positive optimism as the nation can only get better, not worse.
We call on Nigerians of all ethinc coloration and political persuasion to give peace a prime of place in our private and public considerations and permutations as peace remains a critical prerequisite for development to be sustained. Happy New Year, Deltans! Happy New Year Nigerians!