Political Parties And Build-Up To 2015 Guber Race

LIKE in other states of the federation, Delta state is set to witness a test of strength between political parties jostling for the government house as the new year roles in.
Although the nation’s political terrain is populated by a plethora of registered political parties, not many are likely to make significant inroad in the race.
While labour party , All people’s congress, People’s Democratic Party and social Democratic party among others, appear formidable in preparation towards the race, only one party will eventually win the race. With the result of 2014 Local government polls in Delta state,the people’s Democratic Party (PDP) has no doubt demonstrated its popularity and superiority in the state’s political equation which is a very likely signpost to what Deltans will expect during the general elections later this year.
Making a haul of 25 out of the 25 local government results was no mean feat and considering the fact that the elections took place peacefully and without hitch, save the late arrival of materials in some places, necessitating rescheduling of the polls in Ndokwa East and Ethiope East local government areas, there is no doubt that the party has every reason to be optimistic in retaining its popularity among the people at the moment that matters .
To many political observers, the victory did not come as a surprise. The outcome of the election could not have been different bearing in mind the tremendous preparations and homework done by the party prior to the election.
It was and still only PDP that has structures and physical presence in all the 25 local government areas. The party is known to the people and people can easily identify with it
Unlike some parties which hardly boasts of any visible structures but
only spring up few days to elections to seek peoples mandate, PDP has remained in the mainstream politics of the state.
It was therefore no surprise that in many local government areas, such paper tiger political parties could not feature candidates for either chairmanship or councillorship positions and may not have a better showing during the 2015 general elections except some dramatic and strident efforts are put in place to change their political fortunes.
This indeed not the time to dissipate energies on campaign of calumny or character assassination but rather a unique opportunity to step up efforts towards achieving political relevance in this new year and beyond.
While it is natural that in a contest of his nature losers are bound to complain, the way such losers manage the post election woes and the resolve to make a better showing with the next opportunity goes a long way as to positioning of the power equation.
For now, they have two options. First s to exhaust all legal avenues of challenging the results wherever dissatisfied in tribunal or accept the result in good faith, hoping that tomorrow is another day and as the saying goes, he who fights and runs away live to fight another day.
The latter option appears more reasonable because this prevent the aggrieved parties from dissipating energies in prolonged litigations thereby losing focus on preparations for the 2015 general polls
Indeed, they have to join hands with the PDP lead administration to move the state forward.
For the newly elected chairmen, this is a unique opportunity to demonstrate their loyalty to the party and the commitment toward a delivery of the dividends of democracy to the people.
It is a time for giving eloquent expression to the wishes and aspirations of the people
They must realize that to whom much is given much is expected. Indeed they should key into Governor Uduaghan”s three point agenda anchored on peace and security, human capital and infrastructural development.
Similarly, they should join in crusade of Delta beyond oil, another mantra of Uduaghan”s administration geared towards diversifying the economy and economic fortunes of deltans.
By so doing , they will not only be consolidating the gains of democracy recorded by Uduaghan”s administration but will also be printing their footsteps on the sand of time
The new local government helmsmen should resist the temptation of engaging in white elephant project but should familiarize themselves with the needs of the people at grassroots level.
They should put into operation their constitution role as third tier of government and explore areas such as provision motor parks, market, public conveniences, rural roads and provision of health care center at local level.
To achieve this, it is expected that local government chieftains should domicile within the locality. The present practice whereby the local government executives reside hundreds of kilometers from the grassroots only to visit sparingly most be discouraged.
More importantly the poor work attitude by local government staff most give way to a robust and clear commitment to contributing immensely to the social, political and economic transformation.
For the peoples Democratic Party, the gains recorded via last year’s local government polls in the state are no doubt encouraging but the truth is that it is not over until it is over.
As Deltans and indeed all Nigerians look forward to the general elections beginning from February, there is the need for the party supporters to join hands with the party’s gubernatorial candidate Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa to ensure continuity. They must realize that parties that did not have brilliant showings in the past may spring surprises if only they work hard enough to strike the necessary political chord.