How We’ve Kept Medical Services Going, By Erhunwunsee

TWO months into the nationwide strike embarked upon by the Joint Health Sector Union, JOHESU, resulting in the initial shutdown of Federal Government Tertiary health institutions, the Chief Medical Director of the Federal Medical Centre (FMC, Asaba), Dr Leo Erhunwunsee yesterday revealed the secret behind the Centre’s sustained medical services to the public, though at a skeletal level.
Part of the secret, he said was the decision to collapse all the medical departments at the Centre, into medical/surgery and Pediatrics/Obstetrics/Gynecology, with the Labour Ward open for emergency deliveries.
“Because we expect emergencies that may require surgical intervention, the Theatres (General and Obstetrics and Gynocology) are kept open for 24 hours and doctors are posted to cover these areas”, the Chief Medical Director added.
Also, he said, the Centre drew up a new duty roster for doctors while House Officers do the bed side nursing for 24 hours, thus making it possible for the Centre to open to full emergency services and outpatient clinics.
Added to these measures, he said, was the arrangement with a reputable hospital in Asaba to assist with analysis of the specimen that doctors in our side-Laboratories cannot handle on a fee for service basis.
With these arrangements in place, he said, the management of the Federal Medical Centre, Asaba has fully complied with the Federal Ministry of Health Directive to all Federal health institutions to render skeletal health services to the public inspite of the JOHESU strike.
“To this end, I am happy to say that, we have recorded a measure of success since we started. We’ve had surgeries, taken delivery of babies, and have attended to road accident victims,” he added.