Collection Of Permanent Voters Cards (PVCs)

AS Nigeria gears up for the general elections that begin on February 14, 2015, the independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has announced
the decentralization of the distribution of permanent Voters cards (PVCs) from local government to ward levels.In effect, registered voters will be able to collect their PVCs from the wards where they registered.
While logistics are being put in palce for the collection of PVCs at ward level to be actualized, Deltans and residents of Delta state are enjoined to proceed to the local government headquarters where they registered to collect their PVCs armed with their temporary cards.
Information made available by INCE showed that many registered voters in Delta state are yet to collect their Permanent Voters cards without which they cannot vote in the coming elections. We, therefore, urge registered voters to endeavour to collect their PVCs at the local government areas where they registered and at the ward level when INEC must have put logistics in place. Local government chairmen are hereby enjoined to ensure that PVCs are distributed in their domain with minimum hitch. There is limited time for the collection of the PVCs before the elections begin. Remember, your PVC is your ticket to exercise your civic responsibility of voting in the coming elections. Temporary voter cards will not be accepted. Collect your PVC and keep it safely.
Chike C. Ogeah Esq
Hon. Commissioner for Information