SURE-P Yielding Positive Results –Papka

THE project director of the Federal Government Graduate Internship Scheme (SURE-P GIS), Mr Peter Papka has expressed satisfaction with what he called “the amazing outcome of the scheme in Delta State.
Mr Papka, who made his feelings known on the scheme in Asaba said, “Already, we have began to see the amazing outcome of the scheme where some interns have gotten full employment even before the end of their training”.
Others, he said, have acquired professional qualifications and membership supported by their employers,
adding that, this clearly demonstrates that we too could fall into any of these categories of outcome if we choose to go down their pathway of showing commitment and seeing opportunity as a stepping stone to the world of employment.
He said, fast tracking manpower development was a key focus of the transformation agenda of the President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration and a priority for our National vision 20:20:20, adding that Agriculture, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Power, Construction, Health, Environment and Sanitation as well as Financial Literacy have been identified to be ready windows of opportunities to build and support manpower through the Graduate Internship Scheme.
He reminded Nigerians, particularly the youths that, government alone cannot provide employment rather, he said government was expected to create the enabling environment that would stimulate business that could create job.
He, therefore, called on companies, especially large corporations that fall within these core sectors and others to key into the kind gesture
or government and show commitment
to perform their corporate social responsibility by opening up the doors of their companies to the young graduates to go in and demonstrate that they have what it takes to be employed.
“Unless they are given an opportunity, how would they be discovered? More so, the challenges of unemployment should be the concern of all, government, and the private sector,” he posited.
He said, the training was an important milestone in the journey of the intern, a point of self-discovery, and a redefinition of self-esteem as well as the beacon
to self-actualization, adding that the orientation was to help interns and partner firms/organizations to better appreciate what the scheme was all about, the expected roles/responsibilities of key sectors/stakeholders and much more, lay the foundation on core skills that could be developed to enhance employment