History‘ll Be Kind To Jonathan ––Onyeobi

AS more Nigerians and the international Community shower encomiums on President Goodluck Jonathan for taking the courage to congratulate his opponent and President-elect during last Saturday’s presidential election, Gen Mohammadu Buhari, the Iyase of Asaba (Traditional Prime Minister), Chief Partick Isioma Onyeobi, yesterday said, “for this singular act of statesmanship, history will be very kind to him.”
Chief Onyeobi who disclosed this in an exclusive interview with The Pointer said, “President Jonathan has shown that he is not only a Statesman but one who genuinely believes in the power of the Almighty because, if he had taken a contrary action by rejecting the outcome of the election, the country would have been in flames by now. He is indeed a role model to our politicians”.
He appealed to Nigerians to learn to accept that power comes from God, and He alone can give it to whoever he pleases to give it. No one can be an answer to one’s own prayer, and we should learn to accept what we cannot change,” he added.
The Iyase who commended the president-elect, Gen Muhammadu Buhari for his victory at the poll and for what he called his stable reasoning, reaction and having the good sense to commend president Jonathan for his statesmanship said, both men have shown that politics should not be matter of life and death, and their followers should learn from them and accept that the interest of the country is supreme”.
However, he said, Gen Buhari has assured that he was going to be president of Nigeria, which means that, even those areas that did not vote for him need not be afraid.
He said, but with the level of political sophistication Nigerians displayed during last Saturday’s presidential election, it is obvious that they will not accept a leader that will divide them, as both the rich and the poor want peace so that they can manage their wealth or poverty in peace.
“We are lucky that Gen Buhari has some experience at the highest level. He was a minister, a military governor and military president, he added.