Farmers Set Agenda For President-Elect

Want 20% Budget Allocated To Agriculture
PRESIDENT of All Farmers Association of Nigeria, AFAN, Kabiru Ibrahim, has urged the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, to allocate 20 per cent of the national budget to the agricultural sector when he eventually takes over the reins of government.
Ibrahim, who congratulated the President-elect, in Abuja, described him as a“ farmer and agriculture-friendly man.
According to the AFAN Boss, the dwindling fortunes from the oil sector occasioned by the fall in the price of crude oil in the international market, is an opportunity for the nation to focus its attention on the development of agricultural sector to bolster the economy, create jobs and reduce poverty.
Ibrahim said: “ I want first congratulate the President-elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari. He is a agriculture-friendly because he is a farmer.I know his farm. I am sure that he will help farmers. Following the dwindling fortunes in the oil sector, whoever is in power, should give priority attention to agriculture.”
“Our expectation is very high. We expect him to devote 20 per cent of the national budget to agriculture in order to harness all the potentials in the sector. We are embracing bio-technology. The Bio-Safety Bill will be signed before President Goodluck Jonathan leaves office. That will take subsistent farmers to commercial agriculture.”
He added that the expectations of Nigerian farmers are very high in the in-coming administration, adding that agriculture remains a viable means of alleviating poverty in the nation