Okowa’s ‘Tsunamic’ Turning Point

THIS is Tuesday morning and around this time last Friday, I was racing down the highway on my way to my ward at Ogodobri Ezebri in Bomadi Local Government where I exercised my franchise in the rural calmness of the aquatic terrain. The card reader already knew my fingers as I had voted at same venue at the Presidential elections and standing before the ballot box with the long ballot paper on my hands, ready to thumb-print, I was suddenly filled with emotions-emotions to the effect that one man represented what I call a ‘tsunamic turning point’ through his Pan-Deltan character that has endeared him to the hearts of all Deltans out of his clinical personality. As my ballot paper went down the box, I was aware that I had become part of securing the future of our state for our great party and “PROSPERITY FOR ALL DELTANS.
It has always been in the hearts and minds of the people of Delta State that in the not-too-distant future, political power, which had domiciled in the Central and later the South Senatorial districts, would come through to the North Senatorial District. In the first instance, Chief Felix Ibru of the Social Democratic Party[SDP] from the Central ruled over Delta State from 1990 to 1992. And from 1999-2007, Chief James Onanefe Ibori ruled for two terms of eight years followed by Gov. Uduaghan from Delta South.
In 2007, the three groups in Delta South, also nicknamed the ‘Three Is’, that is IZON, ISOKO AND ITSEKIRI pulled their human resources together under their son who was then the Secretary to the Delta State Government in Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan and they mobilized and galvanized the the triumvirate of IZON, ISOKO AND ITSEKIRI and they spoke with one voice to have a shot at the governorship in 2007 at the end of Governor Ibori’s tenure.
By the 2006 PDP Ogwashi-Ukwu Primaries, both Delta North and Delta South along with the Central District presented candidates, about 15 in all. At the end of the primaries, the following results emerged: Dr. Uduaghan garnered 2,448 votes, followed closely by Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa with 1,142 votes and Barrister Ovie Omo-Agege scoring 951 votes (See the book titled: “From The Campaign Trail”, by Willy Bee; written by me after the 2007 governorship election). Books don’t lie- it has happened eight years after, that the man who was second-placed in that primaries at Ogwashi-Uku, has now, by hardwork, steadfastness and consistency as a Pan-Deltan, is clearly the choice of state, from Asaba to Burutu, From Uvwie to Ozoro. He had picked the PDP flag after its primaries in Asaba at the Cenotaph, with a total of 408 votes, followed by Mr. David Edevbie with 288 votes while the the former Speaker of DTHA, Victor Ochei scored 185 votes.
With this clear Pan-Delta mandate from all the ethnic groups in Delta State, Okowa will berth at the New Government House in Asaba come May 29, 2015 to move the state to further heights, according to his vision: “PROSPERITY FOR ALL DELTANS”, which we await with full confidence.
For those of us who have been watching the polity with our pen for the past 15 years, for me, as a veteran journalist and chronicler of un-folding political events in the state, I journey once more, on a terrain, now to be blazed by Dr. Okowa with his promises of a better life. I arrived Ezebri on Friday, April 10 via Okwagbe Waterside where I took a speed boat along with some of my relations, Dr. Henry Bozimo, Mr. Tony Ebikeme, a one-time guber candidate in 2007 who later withdrew. On arrival in Ezebri, I also gathered that Elder P.Z. Aginighan of the NDDC was also in Ogodobri, the twin community to Ezebri to cast his vote for the PDP. By Saturday morning, the former Minister of Police Affairs, Alaowei Broderick Bozimo came on time to cast his vote for the Okowa candidacy and his son, David Bozimo was very much around to ensure that everything worked perfectly well for Dr. Okowa.
That Dr. Okowa had a resounding victory at the polls was long incubating in the works for he had been prepared for governance at this level and for the first time in Delta’s history, a doctor and lawyer are being succeeded by another doctor and lawyer as governor and deputy.
Barr. Otuaro, a lawyer is taking the place of Prof. Otuama. And one of the over-riding and under-pinning enthusiasm of the voters in the Izon aquatic terrains of the mangrove swamps of Warri South West, Burutu, Bomadi and Patani is the Pan-Delta candidacy of Okowa/Otuaro.
While the people of Abuja and far Northern fringes of the desert areas of the country may still be sallivating the emergence of a former military ruler in retired Ma-Gen. Mohammadu Buhari as President-Elect, we, Deltans, of the oil-producing belt are equally satisfied with holding on to our own here and other South-South states.
My eternal kudos must go to the out-going visonary and proactive Governor in Dr. Uduaghan for midwifing a PDP governor for the state in 2015. When he said he would ‘Finish Strong’, many now understand that delivering the PDP is part of it, which he has done at the Presidential and Governorship levels.
The final results of Okowa’s Tsunamic Turning-Point came in the following way: PDP scored 724,680 votes, Labour Party had 130,028 votes coming second while the APC was third. It is thus, an affirmative victory for the PDP.
I wish to recall what Governor-elect, Okowa said at the Warri Club Town Hall meeting: “With our oil and gas wealth in Delta State, nobody can call us an opposition state.” All we need now is co-operation from all groups in Delta State to rally round the messianic arrival of an Okowa, an Ekwueme who would not renege on all his promises of creating jobs for women and youths, agricultural prosperity, health insurance schemes, industrial estates, mega cities and eight fruitful years Deltans will never forget.
Continuity is the name and essence of the Okowa governorship in 2015 to continue to develop the state as PDP has been doing since 1999. I know the Governor-elect and I know he will quickly reach out to all for an all-inclusive government because providing prosperity requires all and this would be done on the field, not through unneeded electoral litigations, which we hope not to see this time around from the opposition.
My last word: Now that power has quietly transited to Delta North after some patient waiting, the state must continue to build on the foundation of equity and fairness. The Okowa I know would be a governor for all, Delta North, Delta South and Delta Central.
A ‘Big Heart For All’ had been transformed into a ‘Finger of God’ and hopefully, at the end of your tenure, Delta State will answer a new name along the same lines. Remember always that we could be riddled with rumour-mongering, which is quite a sizeable industry in the state, if you ask me but above all, be religious, prayerful and patient.
We should contnue with the permanent construction site to actualize all your promises to be a ‘DOING STATE’. God bless Delta State and let our progress remain at the top because we are too confident of ourselves as Deltans. Indeed, “WE NO DEY CARRY LAST”