Cultural Heritage On Display As Owhelogbo Community Installs New ‘Osewho’

Saturday, May 2, 2015 was just like any other day to so many people across the globe but to the indigenes of Owhelogbo in Isoko North Local Government Area of Delta State both home and in the Diaspora, that day will remain historic and indelible in their lives.
May 2, 2015 was special and historic as it was on that day that people of Owhelogbo in line with their culture and tradition, installed Prince Vincent Atomatofa Edhuye as the Osewho of Owhe Kingdom at the Osewho Palace, Owhelogbo.
Expectedly, all roads led to the ancient town of Owhelogbo which has produced illustrious sons and prominent Deltans such as Comrade Ovuozourie Macaulay, the Secretary to the State Government (SSG), the Bishop of Oleh Diocese, Anglican Communion, Most Rev. John Aruakpor, late Rt. Hon. Young Daniel Igbrude, Hon. Mike Ogwah, Prince Sunny Uthoro, among others.
The people were in high spirit as one could see their facial expressions depicting happiness and excitement.
The weather was clement as the sky smiled all through the day thus providing the people the conducive atmosphere to display their rich cultural heritage.
The palace was filled to capacity with Owhelogbo Chiefs in their unique and spectacular white and red traditional attire with beads to match as well as other lovers of culture and tradition.
Outside the palace was not different either as several canopies were filled to capacity with people who came to witness the epoch making event from far and near.
Elderly women with one of them beating a drum amidst singing and dancing in honour of the new Osewho of Owhe Kingdom added colour and glamour to the occasion. They displayed their dancing prowess despite their old age thus laying credence to the fact that one does not get old in a dance that he or she is an expert.
Children were also not left out in making the occasion thick with their cultural dance as they also made a statement with their scintillating titillating, rythymatic and calculated dance steps to the applause of the people who sprayed them with money in appreciation of their efforts.
One special feature like the culture of most communities in Delta State, was the intermittent firing of gun shots into the air thus signifying the similarity of the culture and tradition of some communities in the state.
Culture as they say is the way of life and social organization of a people or group and that a people without culture are as good as none existing.
Owhelogbo community has a culture as a people and that culture was showcased during the installation of Efenowhe, Prince Vincent Atomatofa Edhuye as the Osewho of Owhe Kingdom.
In his welcome address at the occasion the President General of Owhelogbo Community Development Union (OCDU), Prince Simon Enajedu, thanked the people for gracing the event.
“Today marks an epoch making occasion in the history of our kingdom by the installation of our illustrious son, Prince Vincent Altomatofa Edhuye as the Osewho of Owhe Kingdom”.
He paid glowing tribute to the Secretary to the Delta State Government (SSG) Comrade Ovuozorie Macaulay and others for their financial support towards the installation of Osewho.
On the origin of Owhelogbo, he said that history has it that the people of Owhe migrated from Benin and that Azagba was the husband of Owhe, the founder of Owhe clan.
He said that they (Azagba and Owhe) had three sons namely; Ogbe (first son),Ovo (2nd son) and Uthatho (3rd son), adding that Osue, the first son of Ogbe, travelled to Benin in company of some other relatives with gifts to obtain authority from the then powerful Oba of Benin to enable him rule over his people from external aggression.
According to him, Osue succeeded in obtaining the “Usu” (staff of Office) from the Oba of Benin as a symbol of authority to rule over the entire Owhe Kingdom and also decreed that ascendancy to the throne of Osewho shall be by heredity, not rotational and not contestable as it goes to the oldest male child of Osue Royal Family-a practice that is still in vogue till date.
He prayed God for long life for the new Osewho, even as he called on sons and daughters of Owhelogbo to support the Osewho and contribute their quota to the progress and development of Owhelogbo, saying that development of the community should not be the responsibility of only few persons.
In an interview, Prince Sunny Uthoro, while also commending the people of Owhelogbo and others for attending the occasion, disclosed that when an Osewho joins his ancestors, a regent would e appointed to oversee the affairs of the town for three years until the new Oswho is installed.
Prince Uthoro posited that on the day that the new Osewho is installed, the regent, accompanied by a large number of people amidst singing, dancing and firing of gun shots would hand over the “Usu” (staff of office) to the new Osewho after performing and observing necessary traditional rites.
According to him, the handing over (presentation) of the “Usu” to the new Osewho by the regent is the climax of the installation ceremony.
The occasion, which was characterized by merriment and jubilation, was attended by the Bishop of Oleh Diocese, Most Rev. John Aruakpor, Hon. Mike Ogwah among others.