Tony Blair: The World Will Support Buhari

We may call it a gratuitous visitation by Mister Tony Blair, a former Prime Minister of Britain. In earlier times, two former expired British Prime Ministers in Mr. Gordon Brown and Tony Blair also showed solidarity with Gen. Buhari in a photo show.
One by one, they will start crawling in their numbers, with diplomatic bags and niceties to hail the President-elect, ostensibly, to protect their businesses in Nigeria.
Britian, as a former colonial power, had always showed interest in Nigerian affairs but whenever Nigeria faced problems of insurrection like the Civil War of 1967-1970, it refused to send much help. Nigeria, under Gen. Gowon was compelled to look east to Russia for military hardwares to combat the Biafran forces to submission.
Today, another insurrection reared its ugly head in Boko Haram operating rather freely, previously, in the now peaceful killing fields of Nigeria’s North East – Borno, Yobe and Adamawa States. And when President Jonathan approached the West, UK and US, they were in their dilly-dallying best after all the promissory notes and noises.
Today, with Gen. Biuhari about to be in power for a second coming, Britain and the West are, as usual, all full of promissory notes of support to make the President-elect succeed with all the enormities of obstacles ahead of the new regime.
Hear Mr. Tony Blair, blairing some old tunes: “The world will support Buhari to succeed”…. And not Nigeria to succeed. The same West that had always frowned at military rule in the past is now seeking accommodation with a born-again democrat in Gen. Buhari.
Britain knew what hit them during Murtala Mohammed’s regime when British Oil was nationalized at the heat of the apartheid years. With a reconditioned military ruler coming on board, they know if they did not support his electoral bid, they might lose whatever is left of British and American interests in Nigeria.
After paying a congratulatory visit to Gen. Buhari at th Defence House in Abuja recently, he said the major democracies of the West would support him and help him succeed as the president of Nigeria.
Mr. Tony Blair also commended Nigeria for the hitch-free elections, “which had defined the credibility and tranquility of the last presidential elections”, adding, “Nigeria and her people had earned the respect of the international community.”
The Buhari leadership is one that I know is determined to do his best for the country and obviously but the future and destiny of Nigeria lies in the hands of its people.’
Relying on old Britain is like listening to the masters of double-speak in diplomacy. Any favours that will come from Britain must be attached to their own understanding of civilized ideas and all the freedoms under the sun.
One area that Gen. Buhari must open his eyes to is the insistence by Britain and US of their desire that we in Nigeria must allow gay marriages to operate in the name of freedom of association. If we can recall, when the Nigerian senate passed an anti-gay law, the UK and US felt it was a slap on their faces. Even Kenya followed with similar legislation and it almost brought down the roof of the country.
Gen. Buhari must be suspicious in opening his ‘arms and legs’ to the strange legislative pills they may be planning to push down our throats and if their support for his administration will make him to allow same-sex marriage to sail through our legislative chambers, then we are doomed as a nation.
International support is good for business, especially, Direct Foreign Investment into Nigeria to provide the much-needed jobs for the teeming youths, but on the domestic front, there are lots of expectations from Nigerians who either voted or did not vote for him on the issues which are crystal clear like gay marriages, security of lives and property and the banishing of fuel queues across the country and ensuring that there would be no witch hunting in the affairs of state policy.
Fighting corruption may have had a special place in his promissory cards during the campaigns, but as we all know, when we fight corruption, corruption is also equipped with so much capacity to fight back at the system. Corruption’s endemic nature will soon unveil itself in the way affairs of government are run, in pushing for appointments, postings, sackings, etc.
The overall temptation to conduct probes across board might lead his government into a cul de sac, leading to unnecessary distractions, while governance suffers.
If I were Buhari, I would do the things that will bring more welfare to the millions of Nigerians with his mantra of change.
Change may not mean a drastic cessation of the way things were being done in the past 30 years, but a gradual effort at changing the mindset and attitude of Nigerians. With the exemplary leadership from the top, all those working under the Man with a draconian past could inspire all to follow their leader if they can. But if any minister or director or adviser steps out of line under President Buhari’s watch, Nigerians would be watching keenly to see if such an officer could get the boot or not.
Nigerians would be the first to cry that their own had been sacked for not committing any crimes. Civil rights observers would easily draw your attention to the military swagger that might surface along the line. Nigerians would be watching and praying that all the large bouquet of election promises can come to pass. Corruption is a multi-faceted dragon and there is no one cure for it. Remain firm and fair to all, Muslims or Christians alike. A president of a country is like the dust bin for the masses to clean their dirty and flea-infested feet on his head. It is a thankless job.