2015 World Communication Day: Success Of General Elections Credited To Effective Communication

The rapid growth of Nigerian Democracy and, particularly, the success of the 2015 general elections have been credited to the efficient and effective use of communication in promoting issues of national importance.
A legal luminary, Dennis Nwanokwai, who stated this in an interview with our correspondents during the celebration of the 2015 World Communication Day at Catholic of the Assumption (Zappa Parish), Asaba said that the mass turn-out of electorates during the recently concluded elections was a direct function of media astuteness in sensitising and orientating the public through in-depth coverage and analysis.
Nwanokwa observed that many voters who hitherto had no interest in political activities, found themselves running to the ballot boxes to cast their votes because of the importance that the media attached to the elections.
While noting that many national crises have been averted as result of good communication, the lawyer decried the gap in flow of information, stressing that there is the need for journalists to engage in investigative journalism.
He said, “I think there is what I term information gap. It is shocking these days to see that people act on whatever information that is made available to them, especially from unconfirmed sources. It would have been better and appropriate if we have journalists who can dig deep and come out with facts so that when people respond or react to issues, it will not be based on rumours or mere conjectures”.
In a related development, the Diocesan Communication Director, Rev. Fr. Charles Okafor has said that some people have hijacked the tool of communication for nefarious purposes. He underscored that the society is morally bankrupt because of the unhindered spread of negatively impacting messages.
“The point is that people are more interested in the negative use of communication. The junk mails from the social media and the advertisement of some products such as the cigarette on the television are ways of telling the public that smoking is good”, the priest noted.

He stated further that “the media sometimes give us the impression that some people have made it in the society without questioning the source of their wealth so, when the media paints wonderful images of people who may have made it through fraud, the younger generation would not want to work hard for their future because they may believe that life is about glamour”.
Okafor noted that the choice of the theme, “Communicating the Family: a Privileged Place of Encounter with the Gift of Love” was borne out of the realisation that the family is the first point of contact for every child, adding that a moral family may tantamount to a moral society.