Air Cargo Tariff Will Increase By 20 Per Cent

An agreement by the Nigerian Aviation Handling Company (NAHCO) and the Association of Nigeria Customs Licensed Agents (ANCLA) in Lagos, has placed a 20 per cent increase in tariff on 70 per cent of cargoes coming into the country by air.
The agreement was reached following an extensive meeting between the ground handling company and leaders of the association.
NAHCO controls over 70 per cent of the ground handling market, while Skyway Aviation Handling Company Limited, SwissPort and Precision Aviation Handling Company Limited control the remaining part.
The Vice-Chairman, ANCLA, Mr. Bola Ashiru-Balogun, said that the agreement was reached in the interest of the overall development of the industry and in realisation of the fact that both sides were being affected by the nation’s tough economic environment.
The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, NAHCO Aviance, Mr. Norbert Bielderman, who noted that the agreement was in the best interest of the sub-sector, thanked the ANCLA representatives for their professionalism.
“I would like to thank you all for the professionalism you brought into these negotiations. You guys have been very professional. I appreciate that.”
Bielderman urged the association leaders to always approach the NAHCO whenever issues that concern both parties arose.
Ashiru-Balogun, however, commended the company for carrying everyone along in the process leading to the tariff increase.
He said although NAHCO called the agreement a ‘win-win’ situation, it was a ‘lose-win’ situation for the members of the association.
He explained that NAHCO won this time and should be congratulated. He said that ANCLA would, however, win the next time even as he called for a stronger relationship between the two partners.
It will be recalled that an earlier meeting between NAHCO and ANCLA on Monday had ended in a deadlock. The association had rejected the air cargo tariff increase, which was initially pegged at 30 per cent by NAHCO.