Group Wants To Synergise With NOA

Maryjane Ogeah
A non-governmental organisation, Concerned Ministers for Good Governance in Asaba has extended a hand of partnership to the National Orientation Agency(NOA) in the fight for change.
The group, in a courtesy visit to the agency pointed out that they were on the mission to promote good governance by way of riding the state of corruption and all other vices, saying that they deemed it pertinent to collaborate with the NOA as they were on the forefront of reaching out to the public through their orientation policies and programmes.
Addressing the director and members of the NOA, the group Chairman, Pastor Divine .O. Pius, said they have not only been silent for too long, but have also tolerated some of the most corrupt men and women of the nation without calling them to order, adding that “the crusade for change will not yield the needed result until we as ministers of the gospel not only lend our voices to it but throw our weight fully behind it. Infact, we are the only people who can really bring about the change, because our rule of faith and practice makes it clear that the change can only come from us,|” he said
While noting that the Christians are the salt of the earth, which makes their role very significant in adding flavor to the society, the chairman also added that salt as a preservative, means that the function of the church is to hold back forces of corruption in the society and as the light of the world, “if we the church fail to give the light, there would be no other source of light and corruption will ravage our nation,” he opined.
Responding, the NOA Director, Sir Isaac .O. Ezechi commended the group for their stride towards ameliorating the society, saying that the Agency sees clergymen as partners in progress, considering the fact that it preaches the basic tenets which “we as a people are supposed to live on,” adding that the group is a body NOA will like to partner with, since they seem to be fighting for one course.
Continuing, Sir Ezechi said, “Structurally, we are in a good position to get the message across. We carry messages, policies and programmes to the government and in turn we get feedback.”
He averred that men of God should not be partisan in politics, but be liberal, and religious. He further stated that the agency would joyfully collaborate with the group to help pass the message across and achieve the same result.