Lawmakers Have No Business Doing Contract Jobs, Says Ifemeni

In what looked like a ray of hope for the electorate in Nigeria, a one-time lawmaker in the defunct Bendel State House of Assembly, Hon Aneke Ifemeni during the week took a critical look at the legislature in his days and today and concluded that lawmakers have no business with government contract, rather they should be concerned with the act of quality lawmaking that would positively impact the lives of people in their constituency.
Hon Ifemeni, who is presently the canvasser General, Okowa House-To-House Movement 2015 disclosed this to The Pointer in an exclusive interview in Asaba, the Delta State Capital said, in his days as a lawmaker, the act of lawmaking was an overwhelming concern of lawmakers but added that, “If you were a contractor from my constituency, I could assist you with a note to facilitate your contract”.
While reasoning that, for a lawmaker to get involved in government contract was a distraction, he said the tendency for such a lawmaker to soil his or her name cannot be ruled out in such circumstance adding that democracy thrives on the altar of quality lawmaking by the legislature.
He, however, said that it was necessary for a lawmaker to effectively represent his or her constituency by initiating bills that would better the lives of his people, reasoning that if a lawmaker did well while in office, he’ll have no cause to beg for vote, instead people will beg for him.
Hon Ifemeni who frowned at the ostentatious living of some lawmakers in the country said, “It doesn’t make sense for a lawmaker to publicly dsisplay his wealth because there are lots of hungry people in his constituency who may not even be able to get the basic necessities of life.
He opined that, instead of flaunting such wealth, some of it could be used to better the lives of the needy in their constituency, either by providing necessary infrastructures via constituency projects or capacity building particularly for the indigent persons.
While admitting that, as a lawmaker, there are lots of challenges you may have to face; such as high traffic of persons who need one form of help or the other, and even those you never knew from Adam, he said a good lawmaker should keep his doors wide open to accommodate all shades of people, particularly from his constituency as they look up to