Two Take A Bow: Pa Anenih And Adamu Mua’zu

DEMOCRATIC tenets are being built-up to deepen that good old Greek culture as practiced in other climes when party big wigs resign their positions after what may appear to be the beginning of another chapter for a ruling party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) that had ruled the country at the centre for 15 years in an unbroken chain.
Just like in soccer, with coaches and managers, so also it is expected of political leaders, when a new dawn is called for and they are routinely expected to pass on the baton, be it in the field of play or the political field.
This was as we saw in the Brazilian coach who left the national team after Brazil 2014, after facing the German machine’s seven goals to one. A similar faith threatened Nigeria’s own head Coach, Mr. Stephen Keshi when he failed to qualify Nigeria’s Super Eagles for the last AFCON which finally held in Equatorial Guinea in place of Ebola-shy Morocco.
He was out of contract for some seven months or so, but was allowed to return as a second chance to prove his mettle for the next AFCON and even World Cup bid.
When the largest party in Africa lost out, the army of the PDP faithful called for the instant resignation of the PDP National Chairman, Alhaji Adamu Mua’zu, but somehow, he resisted it in a peculiar swagger.
We have a long list of past chairmen, starting with the late Solomon Lar, as a pioneer chairman, the Barnabas Germades and several others. And under President GEJ, we have names like Ogbulafor, Mr. Nwodo, Baraje, Mohammed, Bamangar Tukur who eventually handed over the seat to Mua’zu.
Nigerians are beginning to learn rather fast that political positions are held in trust for the people. But with the passage of time, truth prevailed and the ‘Jewel from the Savannah’ (the nickname of Mua’zu’s state), has agreed to step aside for another to take his place. It was heart-warming and very dignifying for him to bow to the pressures of his peers as Buhari edges days close to occupying Aso Villa.
His resignation was not all; as another key player of the PDP, the Octogenarian PDP BOT chairman, Chief Tony Anenih also tendered his resignation in a one-page letter in which, he said he resigned to pave a seamless transition for President Goodluck Jonathan to assume the BOT chairmanship of the party.
These two resignations had paved the way for the election of another PDP National Chairman to enable it chart the way forward towards the next battle in 2019 general elections.
The PDP is not over until it is over. As the largest party in Black Africa, this sudden disruption of its flight does not mean the end of the road. The party bigwigs are so many, still left in the field to put their house in order and soldier on to newer battles in the coming months, especially, some governorship elections that will be due in 2016: Bayelsa, Edo and even Ondo States will be warming up for another round of elections.
It is normal when a party loses an election; the waves go down the line, leaving in its wake, the hope of regeneration. PDP still has the men and materials, and if properly organized, will recover its glory as the ever-winning party nationally.
PDP is like opium of Nigerians, the temporary defeat at the centre, notwithstanding.
If the old man of PDP BOT can offer to resign his position without promptings, it only goes to show that there is hope for the younger generation of PDP members to forge ahead and reach the skies it once were and will soon return, I so predict!