‘Clergymen Are Misleading People In Govt’

THE Bishop of Asaba Diocese, Anglican Communion, Rt. Revd Justus Mogekwu, has berated some religious fathers for their role in counseling the government of the day, saying that they have not properly played their part as leaders in counseling the people in government.
Mogekwu, who stated this in an interview with The Pointer said many religious leaders have been involved in politics to the point that when they see what is wrong being done by government, because they benefit from it, they keep quiet; noting that they have misled the people they are supposed to be leading right.
Hear him, “Just look around today, a lot of people now rush, start their own churches and make themselves bishops because that is the best way to get into the president’s or governor’s office and collect money”.
He said “the point is that we have not even made the proper impact because, we have not guided the government aright. When we see them do what is wrong, we keep quiet and simply collect their money and run away. Thank God that recently, we were at a forum where Governor Ifeanyi Okowa told us point blank, ‘please, religious leaders guide me, advice me properly; when I am doing the wrong thing, tell me that I am doing the wrong thing…. ”
Asked about his views on the practicability of democracy in a country like ours, Mogekwu said that it is being practiced to a large extent; noting that If the different arms of government do not see themselves as antagonists; but as cooperating factors in governance, then we can be sure that as everybody plays their role properly; and with the interest of Nigerians at heart, it is going to enhance our democratic practice and things are going to work better for this country.
He stated that legislators may be rubber stamped because a lot of them demand huge amounts of money collect bribes and simply pass whatever the government (executive) moves to them as bills; adding that that is what constitutes the problem we are talking about now as corruption.
However, he said “if legislators can be men and women of integrity, care more about the interest of the nation, stand their ground; and say no to what is corrupt and yes to what is right, I am sure that we are going to have better governance in this country”.
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