Tackling Unemployment Through Vocational Education

By Lelia Ofuani
UNEMPLOYMENT is a situation where someone of working age is not able to get a job but would like to be in full time employment. If women and mothers leave their job to bring up their children, or if someone went into higher school for studies, they are not working but would not be classified as unemployment as they are not actually seeking employment.
Unemployment is associated with both rural and urban communities of the Nigeria economy; and results in problems such as Escalation of crime, Treats to peace, Waste of Manpower, Increase in Dependency ratio, Reduction of investment and low Per Capital income.
There is the need for vocational education and entrepreneurship to curb the economic and unemployment in our nation and Delta State in particular. Vocational education is based on skill acquisition, to be self reliant. The need to pay adequate attention to vocational education development in the state and country at large through provision of good economic growth, cannot be overstated.
Vocational education is an education within vocational schools that prepares people for specific trade; it directly develops expertise in techniques related to technology, skills and scientific technique to span all aspects of their trade. This is classified as using procedural knowledge.
Entrepreneurship on the other hand is the capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture.
Entrepreneurs are pioneers, innovators, leaders and inventors. They are at the forefront of technological and social movement in their field; their forward thinking is their desire to push the business. They are dreamers and doers of business actions.
Unarguably, vocational education and entrepreneurship skill acquisition will expose the teaming youth and unemployed population in the labor market. It can be portrayed as open to all not exclusively the domain of the high flying growth seeking business persons. It is not exclusively to certain individual who have different mix of capabilities for demonstrating and acquiring skills. This behaviour can be practiced, developed and learned. Hence it is important to expose the citizens to entrepreneurship and vocational education.
Emphasis on vocational and entrepreneurship education will prepare sufficient number of skilled, semi skilled workers to satisfy the need for investment in delta state, and ensure a rapid transformation of the economy. It prepares higher quality skilled and semi skilled workers, not to mention the fact that Vocational graduates have better employment opportunities
The amiable Governor of Delta State, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa has taken a very giant stride to submit the bill of vocational education to the Delta State House of Assembly for reading with the intention of the government and his administration to develop on the “SMART” programme.
The campaign phrase of Prosperity to all Deltans is not a rhetorical phrase but a reality predicated on his avowed commitment towards the growth and development of Delta and its people.
The Okowa administration is committed to restructuring vocational education and training to meet the need of industrialization and cushion unemployment problem.
The governor has provided a clear direction regards to collaborate and partner with private sectors, individual business and industries
The technical content of the vocational education is on the exigent need of the labour market demand
The structure of vocational education and training is flexible in responding to the change in the economic system. Public vocational education institution would achieve greater efficiency and productivity if managed like business.
It is very pertinent to emphasis that government is ready to be responsive to the needs of vocational education and training in delta state. The policy of government would focus on expanding vocational education and entrepreneur training with allocation of sufficient funds to upgrade and expand vocational education training and programme.
Adequate facilities equipment and resources to vocational education would be provided.
A high quality standard, exchange of technical expertise between vocational institution and business industry is also beneficial.
from the forging, delta state citizens especially the teeming youth and unemployed stand to benefit from this lofty programme. Our governor have started on a very good footing he has hit the ground running : he also struck good chord by organizing himself to make conventional appointment like the SSG, chief protocol officer, chief press secretary, senior political adviser, political adviser among other aides’.
The bill of vocational education is of enormous benefits to Deltans. I therefore thank the governor for taking this giant stride: I Salute the governor for availing Deltans with this great opportunity.
Despite the national economy which is in a dire straits as direct consequences of turbulence in negative impact of the revenue of the state. The melt down of allocation is a challenge in the nation and state. It is not only a real problem, but diverse and complex need that involves very serious actions. We believe that the governor will not fail or succumb to despair or be overwhelmed by current difficulties. The recent campaign orientation to the Royal fathers in the 25 local government to sensitize them on the entrepreneur programme is a welcome development and we appreciate the advocacy of his Excellency.
There is an urgent need to Block all leakages in our revenues and pay very serious attention to the Internally generated revenues, as well as to improve in the provision of basic social amenities, and industrialization. There could be creation of additional new industries like the textile mill, floor mill industry, sugar factory and cement factory to reduce the burden of unemployment and enhance robust economic development. Agricultural produce should be harnessed and enhanced to boast food supply; establish self sufficiency and development.

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    July 3, 2015 at 2:17 PM

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