Asagba’s Anyanwu-Ututu Title Significant To Me –CP Aduba (Rtd)

Mr Ikechukwu Ayodele Aduba is the immediate past Police Commissioner in Delta State. Known for his no nonsense and crime bursting status while in service. In his interview with The Pointer News Editor, (Weekend Titles) Charles Emeni and Crime Correspondent, Andy Akeni, he spoke on a number of issues ranging from the chieftaincy title conferred on him by the Asagba of Asaba, Obi Prof Chike Edozien, his Special Security assignment in Anambra State, his solution to the stubborn issue of car batteries theft in Asaba and a lot more. Excerpt:
Shall we know you sir?
I am CP Ikechukwu Ayodele Aduba Rtd. I hail from Onitsha in Anambra State and I was born in 1954 to the family of late Nnanyelugo J.J.A Aduba and Odoziaku Irene Eyiuche Aduba of Onitsha. I had my Secondary School Education at St. Anthony Grammar School Ubulu-Uku in Aniocha L.G.A. of Delta State and I hold BA (HONS) (History) from University of Ibadan in 1980 and MA History and International Relations from Imo State University. I joined the Nigeria Police Force as a cadet Assistant Superintendent of Police in 1981.
I rose through the ranks to the pinnacle of the enviable profession. I worked in the six geopolitical zones of the country. I was Commissioner of Police Border Patrol (2009), Police Mobile Force (2009), Plateau State Command (2010), Bauchi Command (2011) and Delta State Command (2012-2014). I retired in 2014 as commissioner of Police Delta State Command. I am married with children.
You were recently honoured with a chieftaincy title by the Asagba of Asaba, Obi Prof Chike Edozien, what does this portend to you, especially as the first Police Commissioner to be so honoured?
My nomination and approval for the title by the Asagba of Asaba, His Royal Majesty, Asagba (Prof) Chike Edozien was a pleasant surprise to me. Words failed me since I cannot fully express my gratitude to God. Although it is not the only title I have received but it is by far the most satisfying for obvious reasons. The title Anyanwu-Ututu means the early morning sun. it is a source of hope and inspiration which to a large extent distinguishes one as a paragon of excellent virtues. I am most humbled by this great honour. The honour shows that the gold fish has no hiding place. It is a recognition of my diligent effort in crime fighting in Delta State and Nigeria as a whole. It also showcased the general acceptance and trust accorded me by the generality of Deltans.
In my response during the occasion, “I sincerely pledged to uphold the trust and confidence which led to my being conferred with this prestigious title by our Royal father, the Asagba of Asaba and the entire Asagba-in-Council”. More so, it is a call to do more and I promise to ensure so, especially as I am the first Commissioner of police to be so honoured.
My successes would not have been possible without the unflinching support of the Inspector General of Police and the loyal officers and men of Delta State Police Command.
I remain indelibly appreciative to the loyal officers and men of Delta command for warm cooperation they gave me during my service in the Command. I also appreciate the send off and parting gift they gave me. More so, the cooperation of the Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC) under the leadership of Mrs. Oviri Alias Madam Bravo and the send off they organized for me which cannot be forgotten.
However, I was miffed that the State Government did not organize extraordinary Session of the State Security Council for me as retiring member. The State Government in-spite of the quantum successes and records never deemed it necessary to organize send off for me or extend any parting gift to me. God is supreme and I take solace in him not man.
You were offered a very special Security assignment by the Anambra State Government. What is the nature of the assignment? Why were you given the assignment and what have been the challenges and successes?
Yes, I am the Chairman of Anambra State Vigilante Supervisory Committee with eleven other members. The immediate past Deputy Governor of Anambra State, His Excellency Emeka Sibeudu is a member. HRM Alfred Achebe, the obi of Onitsha is also a member with other eminent personalities. Besides, I am Special Assistant to the Governor on Vigilante matters. Our duties include management, control and training of Vigilante members, to ensure that they operate according to set rules.
On why I was appointed, it equally came to me as a surprise, especially as I did not canvass for it. The Governor of Anambra State Chief Willy Obiano may have considered my track records, antecedents and successes in Crime fighting and crime management.
Yes, supervising vigilante poses a great challenge. There was urgent need to rest the discordant and disparaging activities of the various Vigilante groups in the State. The AVG as a selfless service ought to work under the strict supervision of the Police, but most of them exceeded their bounds and thus leading to abuses. This ultimately defeated the purpose for the creation. Most of the outfits for pecuniary and selfish motives usurped the duties of the statutorily created outfits and violated human rights. More awful, the unlawful use of illegal and prohibited fire arms by the outfits.
For avoidance of doubts, Vigilante outfits ought to work under the supervision of the Police. They are not supposed to bear fire arms. However, some of their arms are lodged in the Police armories, especially when not in use. The Vigilante operatives embark on patrols with Policemen in Anambra State. No illegal cells and illegal detention are allowed. Suspects arrested are promptly handed over to the Police in limited time. Principally, the Vigilantes are to concern themselves with sourcing of information and monitoring/ surveilancing of the environment and Joint Patrols. Such information and intelligence gathered are to be passed to the police. The most offending group is the private guards.
Today, we have over 4000 operatives under Anambra Vigilante Group (AVG) operating in Communities in the three Senatorial Districts of the State. Our concern is to identify the unregistered groups and to raid and mob up their illegal arms. You understand that effecting change in a system is always a difficult challenge.
A lot has been achieved. Today, the Anambra Vigilante members embark on show force with the Police, aside normal combine patrols, synergy and collaboration. The Vigilantes operatives in local Communities and therefore are closer to the people and source of information. Many serious crimes have been bursted through the Vigilantes efforts in Anambra State.
You won many laurels while you were in service, with this kind of reputation, what is the solution to the challenges of daily theft of car batteries in Asaba?
I give glory to God for the successes and achievements I recorded while in the service. I won over 70 different laurels both local and international. The most interesting of all is the Security Watch Africa award as the most outstanding crime bursting Police Chief in West Africa sub-region in Ghana 2012 and South Africa 2013. Also under my tutelage, Delta Command was adjudged the best Police Command in West Africa by the same Security Watch. A global Media outfit.
On how to stem the nagging crime tide, “Black spots must be identified, monitored and properly manned on 24 hours basis. Distress call numbers should be given out to members of the public, Such calls should be linked with the control room for proper coordination. This no doubt will reduce distress response time. “Aggressive patrols must be embarked upon and sustained, especially from 10om to the next morning. “Besides, stop and search will be enforced, especially from 12 midnight. The public must be sensitized to share intelligence and information with the Police. Most importantly, informants must be compensated for useful information.
Instructive is the facts that everybody must be involved in the creation and management of Vigilante groups. Necessary security gadget like CCTV cameras must be installed in strategic areas. This will help monitor the environment. We are talking about building and sustaining E-surveillance platform for prompt detection and rapid action against the detected threats via deployment of Hi-tech mechanism. There must be Police standby rapid response squad.
We need Hi-tech armored Security vehicles that have Security gadgets installed in them. What we have today are not security vehicles. All hands must be on deck to ensure total commitment and collaboration. The need for unalloyed synergy and collaboration between the Security agencies cannot be over emphasized.
Security should be taken seriously. I will blame insecurity largely on the neglect of the Police generally. There are obvious nonchalant attitude toward security matters. The best way to tackle insecurity is to update the whole country with security hardwares that would meet up the current burning insecurity. If States like Osun and Ogun could buy new armored personnel carriers APCs, one wonders why some States will indulge in refurbishing APCs and buying of pick-up and Hilux vans that are totally utility vehicles. They are unreliable and internationally unacceptable for Police Operations.
You endeared yourself to the public and people are asking, where is Aduba? What is responsible for that?
Do an in-depth investigation yourself. What I do is that, I am a team player. I work with everybody irrespective of rank. I maintain high standard of discipline. I reward and punish (carrot and stick) as occasion demands. A welfarist to the core. I carried everybody along and equally encouraged professionalism. Above all, passionate about Policing.
Taking a peep into your life after retirement.
I am still engaged and involved in security matters; I am about floating a security company in collaboration with an international Security outfit based in South Africa.