Non-professionals In Veterinary Services Get Marching Order

THE Chief Veterinary Officer and Director of veterinary services in the Delta State Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Dr. Charles Osielukwe Diai has warned all quack veterinarians practicing within the state to either go for the required training or desist from the profession.
In an interview with our correspondent in his office at Asaba, Dr. Diai said that quackery activities in the subsector had been on the increase in the state in recent times with its attendant consequences on those who patronize them. He disclosed that it was the spate of their activities that made the ministry to embark on a sanitization exercise in the course of which several unregistered veterinary clinics operating in various areas of the state were sealed.
He noted that the law required all veterinary professionals practicing within the state to register their businesses – clinics, hospitals or other veterinary outfits – with the state government and also, with the Veterinary Council of Nigeria is the highest regulatory body of the veterinary profession, saying that failure to do so amounts to undermining the law.”
His words: “If you really want to practice along that line, the veterinary school is there for you to study and get the requisite knowledge because; the profession is open to all and sundry. I will appeal to you to desist from what you are doing and allow those who are trained along that line to continue because you are ruining the economy of the state and those of the individuals concerned”.
The veterinary director, who averred that the nature of the work demanded a high sense of professionalism and adequate knowledge, advised members of the public to stop patronizing the impostors, noting that they spend more when they patronize quacks than when they patronize the recognized experts.
On the challenges of veterinary services in the state, Dr. Diai disclosed that ignorance on the maintenance of animal health was a major reason the veterinary clinics across the state was believed to be less effective
He said: “the perception by the public that veterinary clinic is about dogs and cats is not true. If you look at human medicine, no matter the nature of your sickness, you have to move to the hospitals; but, in the veterinary profession, we move to the farms because you cannot move a poultry to the clinic, Rather, the clinic will have to move to the farms and that is why you don’t find a large number of people in our clinics”.
Dr. Diai assured that the ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources would not relent in effort aimed at curbing the menace of quackery in all local government areas of the state.