Iweze Attracting Youths To Golf Through Caddies

SPORTS development, the process of ensuring that different sporting events are brought down to the understanding of the public, even to the point of their acceptability and development of interests in these sports within the society.
While some sports are easily taken and their cultures well imbibed, some others are not easily a cultured because of some other reasons including their intricacies.
This is part of the major reasons why the game of golf has been tagged the “elites game” as most people see it differently, while others see it as a game for the well to do otherwise regarded as the bourgeois because of the cost of kits, others think otherwise and this becomes the crux of the matter. They see it as the game of class, where the rich gather to play the game among them and note their performances as part of their involvement while discussing more relevant issues that would possibly make them distinct in the society.
The golf game which is seen as an exclusive game by the majority of the society is what the right minded members of the society try to demystify and make it simple for the young ones to understand and be deeply involved.
Thanks to Ogbueshi Wg. Cmdr Peter Iweze (Rtd), who has taken it upon himself to see the involvement of youths in the game.
In actualizing the dream, he organises the annual “Caddies Golf Tournament” as a way of reaching the young ones in the society.
The essences is to engage youths in the game of golf and ensure that as a youth development and empowerment programme, take them off the streets, as well as put them in the league of self actualization; as many of them who started in this Caddies Golf Tournament are now winning medals at events including National Sports Festivals.
To Iweze, this is the joy derived from giving back to the public what they may have bestowed on you as a child growing up in the society.
He started his activities in sports right from the primary school era but little did he know the extent sports would take him until he started seeing himself in key positions in certain quarters of life because of his involvement in sports.
His vision started as a member of Ibori Golf and Country Club (IGGC), Asaba where saw the need to empower the Caddies by contributing to their development in the game.
This is indeed, is a very clear indicator of who Ogbueshi, Wg Cmdr Peter Iweze (Rtd) sees life.
His interest in developing the interest of youths in the game of golf would not have come with ease but with greater determination to return to the society what he has termed for the care of others.
The Caddies tournament is geared towards making youths who assist golfers in the course of their games for better concentration and output and reduction of the stress in the course of the long walk, to be established.
“ I believe that we all have the responsibility to give back to the society those things that will make us live better with one another so as to ensure that everyone lives fulfilled. This can be achieved by contributing to the development of the society through both human and capital development in our little ways” He said.
For others these people are paid for their services but for Iweze sees it differently; they deserve more than mere payment and should be assisted.
He therefore, took it upon himself to organise what is today, known as “caddies tournament” in IGGC.
His idea sold like a magic wand and every members of the club saw reasons with the ‘will and desire’ to establish these youths in the game that they have associated with while growing up.
The caddies’ tournament is strictly for youths who are caddies. It started with the IGCC and Ogunu Shell Club, Warri and they competed keenly but have now been extended over time to cover other clubs outside the State.
While the first four years had players from Asaba, Warri, Sapele and even Oghara the ‘’caddies tournament’’ has become a brand feature of Ibori Golf and Country Club and caddies all over the South South States now look up for it. They do not only play but go home with good prizes.
Iweze appreciated members of the club for their support and encouragement which has made the game very encouraging.
It is on record that some of the participants in the tournament have become so matured that they now win medals in National Sports Festivals.
This is the joy of a programme that came in as a result of a simple decision taken by a man of great instinct and values and the results have made the effort worth the taken.
Today, the Wg Cdr is encouraged and would go as far as his Strength can carry him, to ensure that the ‘caddies tournament’ bring in more youths who would have been in the streets into more responsible and rewarding ventures.