Emeni Chronicles Nigerian History In Books

JUST as the wonderful piece from the great gospel singer and writer, Frank Edwards, “Mma Mma (meaning, good, lovely, beautiful etc)” filled the air; it was evident that the two great books, “The Last Dictator” and “Daybreak Massacre” put together by the Ukwuani born writer, Ned Tony Emeni, is indeed a beautiful and a master- piece.
The HND Electrical Electronics Engineer from Petroleum Training Institute, Warri, was inspired in the year 1990 to 1991 to write a storyline that has to do with a ship wreck but he abandoned it for something bigger. In 2001, after an event in a local environment coupled with the issue of unemployment in the country, he decided to do something different ‘the history line was drawn’.
He wants to bring about a radical societal change by writing a political satire which informed the launch of the two novels which main themes are, “We must take back what rightfully belongs to us that has been stolen; and learn from our past mistakes and take corrections, ‘must history continue to repeat itself?’ Tony asked rather rhetorically.
“I am happy the message has gone into the society, with proper governance all sectors would work well because Nigeria is a great nation which could lead other nations. I thank God Almighty, mostly for having made it possible for each and every one of you to be here and I pray He guide your affairs all through this day and hereafter” he added
Chairman of the occasion, Mr. Clement Obaro, was impressed that an Ukwuani man wrote such a voluminous book and prayed God to bless the writer and give everyone the mind to appreciate the wonderful piece. Pastor (Mrs.) Rhoda Eloho Ikede, in her speech, thanked Delta State Governor for the wonderful job he is doing in the area of education in the state. “An adage goes thus: “If you want to hide anything from Nigerians, put it in a book. The size of the book is so intimidating, sufficient and has all the information needed for acquiring knowledge”.
“Books are necessary as they create avenue for social interactions and communication. I can’t believe that someone of Ned’s age would put this books together and I advise that interested and inspiring young writers to work hard as Engineer Ned who has pain-stakingly authored this books” she added.
Dr. Eugene Okorocha, Book Reviewer, did a fantastic job on the books especially “The Last Dictator” which he said is a chronicle of history fussed up in one thousand and twenty nine pages. He said the voluminous novel made the writer a full, ready and exact man. “The writer has delivered military courage to bring this work to a permanent book form, serving us a three course meal in one for a price. It is a must buy, chew, swallow and digest book”. He however made some corrections which he said does not subtract the quality of the book as he acknowledged Ned Tony Emeni as a prolific/fine writer, political commentator and public analyst, ending his speech with a question, “Who is the last dictator?”
The second book reviewer, Dr. Chijioke Oscar Mgbame an Accountant lecturer at University of Benin said that the writer is intelligent- ‘he is rich with information from 1979’, an articulate writer with the knowledge of history telling the story as if he was there when it all happened ‘he had a romance with both the living and the dead’ and a reader. He however said that the lesson from the book is that those who are disturbing Nigeria should leave her alone.