Deltans Call For Sustenance Ace Of Excavating/Clearing Of Okpanam/Asaba Drainage

The on-going excavation and clearing of the sand-riddled Okpanam/Asaba Road drainage system by the state government has attracted commendation and calls for the sustenance of the exercise.
Those interviewed, who expressed sadness at the rampaging impact of flood water on the busy road plied by many state civil servants and business men, also commended the exercise and pleaded with the state government to make the road accessible.
Sir Michael Ndubisi, called for a permanent solution to the flooding of the road, which, he said, stemmed from the absence of functioning drainage on the road.
Sir Ndubisi noted that once the sand-filled drainage systems were rid of sand and other filth, the flooding of the road would be checkmated.
When The Pointer Property & Homes inspected the clearing exercise being carried out by manual and mechanical means, mountains of excavated sand were parked along the road, waiting for evacuation by tippers.
The labourers were seen going down the deep drain, with their plastic buckets (empty white paint buckets) and coming out from the drain with buckets scooped full with sand.
The employed hands, according to one of them, go inside the drain, especially the portions where the machine could not reach. ‘‘We dey go down inside where that machine cannot reach’’, said Musa Abu.
On how he feels performing his duty inside the drain, he said, ‘‘Haba! The work no be small, but watin we go do. I must do it. Inside the gutter cool very well, but the work strong’’.
Miss Ngozi Udechukwu, a student, called for the effective monitoring and supervision of the work for efficiency, adding, ‘‘it will be good for the State Ministry of Environment to supervise the work and continue with the process to curb the blockage of drains’’.