The Mugabe/Obama Marriage Proposal

THE Supreme Court of the United States of America recently ruled that marriage is a union between two consenting adults. That a man is free to marry a fellow man, a woman free to marry a fellow woman. Here in Africa, that notion is simply absurd and veering towards insanity that a man will marry a fellow man and woman to a fellow woman and supposedly sane and wise adults will be applauding such stupid disposition. There have been worldwide reactions to the legalization of gay and lesbian union in the United States. Some have out-rightly condemned the idea; others welcome it under the veneer of civilization and observation of the fundamental human rights of those involved. It is also against this backdrop that some groups in the United States are calling on the government to legalize polygamous union. Whatever may have informed the United States judges in taking that decision, the fact of the matter is that all the perfumes in the Arab world would not make marriage of the same sex to look pleasant in the eyes of the Arab, Asian and African people. The Holy Bible is very clear on the mode of marriage sanctioned by God and one is really at loss that a country whose foundation is Christianity and on whose currency `In God We Trust`, could descend to that gutter level in the name of civilization and human rights observation is rather unfortunate and a clear testimony that western Europe and North America are on the verge of cultural extinction.
That is why the proposal of President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe to marry the American President Barack Obama should be seen beyond the province of the comical but a serious rebuke of the value system of Western Europe and North America. Mugabe may not be the best specimen of genuine African leadership but at least in Zimbabwe marriage is still seen as a sacred union between a man and a woman. And those with economic power can have other women but certainly not the outlandish level of a fully bearded man wedding another equally bearded man. Obama may scoff at the marriage proposal but the message is that if he is very serious about gay marriage, he should be bold enough to divorce his wife and marry a man to the White House. The same thing should apply to the British Prime Minister who sometime ago, dripping with arrogance threatened to cut aids to Nigeria because of the presence of anti-gay law. That was the moment; Senator David Mark stood up and spoke for the rest of Africa. That any western nation, be it in Europe or North America, that would want to tie aids to Africa on the observation of gay and lesbian relationships, such counties should keep such aids to themselves.
This brings us to the more serious issue of these countries exporting their culture to Africa. In the case of Asia, Arab, Western Europe and North America would not do that because of economic benefits and that these people hold their culture dear. The case of the Arab world is much more difficult. A country where a woman is not allowed to drive, to work outside the home or travel without a male companion, Western Europe and North America shall keep their gay and lesbian development to their shores. As for the Koran, it is against such union and Moslems do not sanction such stripe of marriage. That is why the countries of Africa must be on their guard and should not buckle under the influence of western civilization. Time when the European came to Africa with Bible and colonized the continent having gone. But today we are luckier and the craze to export gay and lesbian marriage under the veneer of extending economic help to Africa must be resisted. Our political leaders should resist the onslaught of western civilization and that deviant sexual relationship is not a march of social development and cohesion but a dark leap into depravity and more animalistic than the lower animals.
Even to make the matter more absurd and insane, such gay and lesbian couples are given the freedom to adopt children. If the same people with the mindset that marriage is a union of two adults and not meant for procreation, the question is who are the people that will give birth to the children they will now be treated as adopted ones? It is really unfortunate that the lunatic fringe of humanity that should be condemned, pitied and be given social rehabilitation should now be the ones that dictate the mores of society. The silent majority in Western Europe and North America should wake up and correct the social rot. The family is the foundation of any stable community, state or nation. If the basic foundation that is the family is not well protected, the very future of humanity is in jeopardy. Those who are trying to re-write the laws of nature and delude themselves that experimentation with marriage will work; they are in for serous shock. Western Europe and North America are not satisfied with the high rate of divorce among normal couples, they are scheming day and night to make sure that the institution of marriage is destroyed. Some people are saying that such sexual deviants may have to do with the malfunction of the gene and that it is embedded in the DNA of such people. But serious scientists are of the opinion that there is no empirical medical studies that support gay and lesbian relationship. It remains a deviant social behaviour and such people should be treated as if they were mentally unstable and alcoholics. Such people need medical and spiritual help and they should not be celebrated.
Obama is not likely to accept the proposal of Mugabe. But beyond that symbolic gesture is a more fundamental issue about procreation and the fate of humanity. It now seems that knowledge and civilization are on collision course with marriage institution. The Holy Bible and Koran are under assault by social scientists that marriage should not only be an option and that man can discard marriage or create marriage in his human reasoning without taking note of the divine and natural concept of that union. Man through his learning is on the path of self destruction. So next time, you talk of Mr and Mrs, be sure that you are not talking to people of the same sex.