Youth Unemployment Frightens Me –Buhari

PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari has taken a swipe at state governors, accusing them of financial recklessness, which he identified as one of the factors inhibiting their ability to pay workers’ salaries.
Apparently unhappy president Buhari said the state governments’ inability to meet up this obligation to its workers was shameful.
Said he: “it is disgraceful that Nigeria cannot pay its workers as it has been shown that most of the states in the country were heavily indebted to the extent of not being able to pay workers’ salaries
He also pointed out that corruption was a reason why states are in financial quagmire. According to him: “the cost of paying for corruption is high and my administration would want states in the country to live within their means because the amount of debt owed by them within and outside the country is alarming”.
Yet, the president’s greatest worry is youth unemployment, which he believes is a keg of explosive waiting to go off.
In his words; “If the young unemployed Nigerian youth in their 20s turn against the authority, there will be nothing the authority would do, and quite frankly, I’m frightened by the number of unemployed young Nigerians”.
The youth, the president said are the leaders of tomorrow and except something urgent was done to keep them engaged and useful to themselves, the future of the country was doomed.
President Buhari made this disclosure during an NTA programme – “president Buhari speaks “where he advised state governments on the need for better management of resources.
Showcasing measures taken so far by him to address the ugly trend of non-payment of salaries of workers across the states, the President said that the decision was taken in order to avert any unpleasant reaction from workers and save the country from embarrassment.
On insecurity, the president admitted that the Boko Haram insurgency was taking a great toll on the country’s socio-political and economic life as the group seems to have increased its attacks on innocent Nigerians, but assured that the Federal Government was on top of the situation.
At the end of July, he said, the Federal Government would shift attention to the Niger Delta.
The reason, he said was because the amount of crude oil theft and burst of oil and gas pipelines was alarming and its effect had remained a source of huge financial loss to the country.

One Response to Youth Unemployment Frightens Me –Buhari

  1. Engr. Godfrey

    July 19, 2015 at 4:06 PM

    Good idea, please focus on Niger Delta, and stop the thieves from stealing our resources, and get all unemployment youths employed. Thank you, Mr. President.