Free For All Fight

IT was a free for all fight in the hitherto peaceful Infant Jesus area of Asaba, the Delta State capital when a man in his late forties was caught by his wife with a girlfriend coming out of a popular hotel in the area which name starts with G.
The Pointer checks revealed that the man and girl residing in the same street had been in a hide and seek relationship for over a long time now unknown to the wife.
But during the week, the cat was let out of the bag when the wife of the man while returning home from an outing caught the husband red handed, coming out of the hotel hand to hand and neck to neck with the girl.
A source who witnessed the whole saga told The Pointer that before the incident, the man and his wife have been living in peace together without any crisis.
He said trouble started when the man left home that very day and told his wife that he has a business meeting to attend in Okpanam area of the capital city.
The wife, it was learnt bid the husband farewell and happy meeting with the business associates who came from out of town.
But after a while, the wife thought of going to the market to buy some items to cook so that when the husband comes back from the business meeting, he can have something to eat.
And this is what let the cat out of the bag. It was gathered that as the wife was returning from her market outing, she saw the husband’s car parked in the parking lot of a hotel within the street they reside in at Infant Jesus area of Asaba.
The wife at this point became suspicious and then called the husband and asked; honey, where are you? And the man answered; I told you I am holding a business meeting in Okpanam.
The wife then became agitated, seeing her husband’s car right in the front of the hotel and the husband answering that he is in Okpanam holding a business meeting.
At first the wife thought whether robbers had snatched the car unknown to the husband as he was be holding a meeting inside a particular place without the husband knowing.
So, she decided to stay close to the car to know who drove the car to that place, and then she spent about two to three hours waiting and in between that time, she again called the husband who confirmed for the second time that he was still in Okpanam holding a meeting.
As she was waiting close by, the husband and one small young girl residing in the same street with them came out holding hands and hugging each other.
Seeing what was happening, anger took over the woman and she was mad for a few minutes and then went straight to the husband, who was not expecting her in the area at that point in time and asked; “Honey is this the business meeting you are holding in Okpanam, so this smelling girl is the meeting you are holding.
Before the man could try to save the situation, the wife and the girlfriend started fighting after exchanging abuses on each other.
The Pointer was told that in the commotion that followed, the wife stripped the girlfriend naked, lifted and threw her on ground three times while the girl hit the man’s wife on the ground twice.
At this very point, hell was let lose in the two women who were fighting over this special man in town.
As residents of Infant Jesus gathered, watching while some were trying to make peace, the wife was alleged to have used a piece of iron rod to break the wind screen of her husband’s car, and retaliating, the girlfriend broke the wind screen of the wife’s car and not knowing what to do after both parties sustained injuries, the husband dragged his wife into his damaged car and drove off to their compound and there the fight continued between the husband and the wife.
A source close to the compound said the man out of anger that the wife disgraced him in such a way continued the beating and then asked her to leave his house and that their marriage has ended.
As at the time of filing in this report, unconfirmed report said the woman was rushed to the hospital as a result of the fight and that the girl was threatening to deal with the woman physically and spiritually.
A source in the compound that helped to broker peace but failed told our correspondent that the man is still regretting the whole situation and licking his wounds and wondering over his damaged cars; but also vowed that the marriage between him and the wife was over, that she should from the hospital where she is receiving treatment go to her father’s house to avoid further trouble.