Delta Has What It Takes To Succeed – Adeosun

Minister of Finance, Mrs Kemi Adeosun, yesterday, said Delta State has all the ingredients to grow and if it cannot make it, Nigeria as a nation is in trouble because it has everything needed to develop and sustain the nation’s economy.
According to her, ‘’ Delta has everything it needs to succeed. It has educative people, natural resources, population, arable land, in fact; there is nothing really you don’t have. The only thing we need now is to execute on the potentials. And, that is easier said than done, but we will get there. So, the real potential of Delta state clearly lies beyond oil”.
She said that if we look at the big names from Delta who have made headway in the nation, none of them made their money through oil, noting that all the ingredients of success was with Deltans, but the problem was how to unlock the potentials.
Adeosun, who disclosed this during the Delta State Economic and Investment Summit in Asaba, the state capital, noted that economic challenges was no unique to Delta as the state challenges was Nigeria’s, adding that. “if we solve Delta problems, we have solved the problems of Nigeria”.
“Nigeria has the same constituency as Delta. You have a wide range of people with different languages, cultures, natural endowment, and lots of people among others. The question is, how do we get growth? And the answer to that paradox lies in having a clear vision of what is possible as well as a clear eye in our rich historical antecedents”
She added that “development of projects that can engage people in productive economic activities is critical to growth. The current challenges of revenue created by the fall in oil prices are much an opportunity as they are a disadvantage. I’m convinced that the worst thing that can happen to Nigeria now is rapid recovery in oil price because we will go back to the same laziness that brought us to our knees, which is, where we are now”.
The Minister stated that Nigeria needed to see current economic crunch as an opportunity to revoke, noting that if Nigeria had worked concertedly as a nation, “we wouldn’t be in the condition we are today; we wouldn’t be looking inwards and thinking about some of the things we are thinking about now”
She said some of the opportunities Nigeria was currently embracing which included aqua-culture, manufacturing among others were unattractively compared to, “Going to government, getting a contract and making a lot of money very quickly. Now, we are going back to the basis. And those fundamentals outlived oil because those are skills that will be transferred from generation to generation, and therefore, more valuable than oil”.
Adeosun explained that the states challenges looked similar to the kind of challenges she encountered when she was a commissioner in Ogun State, while recalling that at that time many persons were residing in Ogun, but working in Lagos, “and were not paying their taxes, and so, so I ensured that we told them to tell their employers to pay their taxes or else they will pay twice. At the end, we were able to grow our revenues from 700million to 8billion a month by the time I left”.
The minister of finance urged the governor Okowa to place premium in the collection of taxes from people who are residing in Delta State, but working in neighboring states, asserting that one of the ways the government of the state could improve and sustain it’s economy was by being aggressive and unapologetic in the collection of taxes from neighboring states even if it meant engaging in a fight.
She also advised the state government to look inwards with a view to blocking all leakages in governance, while assuring that such move would go a long in ensuring sustainable revenue base for the state.
On Deltans in Diaspora, Adeosun said, “Delta State has certain advantages with its Diaspora. It is indeed a great asset, but the state needs to find deliberate ways to attract not only those people, not only their money, but also their ideas.”
She said if the big names from Delta State like Tony Elumelu, Jim Ovia and other bigwigs cannot develop huge industries especially in manufacturing where the state has a clear advantage due to its location, and if they failed to develop significant industries,” then there is a problem”.

2 Responses to Delta Has What It Takes To Succeed – Adeosun

  1. Philip

    August 29, 2016 at 9:14 AM

    True words, other states should also heed this advise. Its time to look inward to what we have and stop relying on oil. Its time to call big shots in the state to build or develop manufacturing plants in all states, this will create jobs and boost revenue. Its time people pay their taxes appropriately and we have to stop blaming the government for our predicaments.

  2. Psalm

    August 29, 2016 at 1:05 PM

    Well detailed here, even as much as critical economic growth rely on development of projects that can engage the people in productive economic activities. We should not rely on the govt alone for this, let every individual be part of this and even for other states too. This will help the economy grow beyond oil, and the current situation in the nation has even provided that opportunity