Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye : A Religious Quake Aftermath….

Since Pastor Adeboye announced his resignation from being the General Overseer of the Redeemed Church, it seemed to have created what amounted to a religious quake, capable of reverberating across the country .
For millions of his admirers, they believed in him as a true Man of God.
He started off as a career Lecturer of Mathematics at the University of Lagos for many years before the Call of the God’s work pulled out of the academia and pastored a Church that was built by another Man of God whom, I hear, is late.
His sudden descent from the pinnacle of power at the Redeemed Church took many by surprise and wondered if what he had done will not bring ripple effects on other Pentecostal Churches, which by their popularity and performance had captured the religious instincts of millions of Nigerians, both young and old, men and women, boys and girls.
Every year, religious pilgrimages are organized by the believers of those faiths as they head for a Shiloh programme in Sango Otta, Wining Faith Church, alias Winners Chapel . Others troop in their hundreds like egrets flapping their wings in drovesto Lagos- Ibadan Expressway where a massive Camp has fast grown into an Earthly Heaven.
Such has become the religious fervor in the landthe news of Pastor Adeboye’s resignation from the G.O-ship of Redeemed was received with several shock waves within the country and even beyond that people started speculating that the hand of Government has touched him.
The Financial Regulatory Council, led by Mr. Jim Obazee, had aprovision in their laws that all G.Os of Faith- based organizations must resign after the attainment of 70 years and must have spent twenty years as General Overseers.
When Faith-based organizations are registered as non-profit making Incorporated Liability Companies with shareholders, and with time, these organizations had become multi-billion businesses, which, in the recent past, did provoke a call on them to pay taxes to government.
Will the Adeboye fever fallouts, blow over all the Pentecostal Churches in the country to the extent that the Bishops, David Oyedepo, Bishop Okonkwo, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor and many other Bishops would be affected in the long run?
Church and State seem mutually beneficial organs of matters religious deals, but in the case of Pastor Adeboye, he is so gentle and God fearing that he may not be responsible for the outpourings of high- fever by innocent bystanders, while the so called bereaved who should be wailing is smiling away with his piety and dignity.
If Churches were established to rake in millions as profitable ventures, Jesus Christ would not have died that early to return to Heaven and sat at the right hand side of his Father in Heaven.
Nigerians must learn to keep the peace even if their religious empires are being threatened with government intervention.
It is still reassuring that Pastor Adeboye is still standing tall as the G.O worldwide of the Redeemers Family. We salute him for transforming Redeemers into a multi- billion religious organization. May his tribe and faith increase to all the crannies of the world where he would superintend like a Collosus in God’s Vineyard. The aftermath of this religious quake will rumble for much longer, for better or for worse. God is in control.