Christians Should Be Closer To God, Preach The Gospel Without Fear And Intimidation

RECENTLY our reporter Raymond Isara met Bishop
Kingsley Enakirerhi, the Founder and General Overseer
of Heroes of Faith Church, Ughelli in his office.
He is also the current Chairman Pentecostal fellowship of
Nigeria (PEN), Delta State chapter. He spoke exclusively
about the name of the church, his selection as PFN state
chairman, 35 years working in the Lord’s vineyard, his challenges
and achievements, advice to Christians worldwide,
Nigeria politicians and the economic recession in Nigeria.
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Bishop it is nice meeting you today in your office.
You are the general overseer and Founder of Heroes
of faith church Ughelli. Why do you decide to name
your church Heroes of faith?
I started my evangelism in Lagos, but came back to
Ughelli, my home in 1982, where I continued preaching
the gospel and the word of God to my people. Unknown to
me, some people were not happy with me preaching the
word of God. I was then arrested and taken to the police
station for three conservative times. I had a dispute with
the complainant who later became an accused in the matter
and when I came back from the police station, I heard a
voice from the Almighty God, who gave me Heroes of Faith
because of my steadfastness, trust, confidence and faith in
God hence the name of my church “Heroes of Faith.”
How do you see yourself working for 35 years now
in the Lord’s vineyard?
I think it has been very pleasurable. God told me to
come back from Lagos 35 years ago and start doing what
He called me to do. I have enjoyed it because it’s a divine
assignment to be here. It has been very challenging, but
we encountered, confronted and conquered them
Can you tell us some of the challenges you encountered
during your 35 years working in the Lord’s Vineyard
The challenges were being accepted by the people in
our community as they spread false rumours to stop me
from preaching the word of God by witches and wizards. I
was persecuted by people while working with the people,
neglected and betrayed because I am a native of this place,
but nevertheless, the church has grown and come to stay,
that is what you are seeing today.
What is your candid advice to Christians generally
in spite of denomination they belong?
My advice is that they should be closer to God and preach
the Gospel without fear and intimidation. They should pray
for peace in Delta State and all our environs for development
to thrive for the benefit of all the citizens.
You are currently the Chairman, Pentecostal fellowship
of Nigeria (PFN) Delta State chapter. How do you
see your well divine election?
Let me correct that impression. We don’t do election
in Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria. We have a board of
trustees that oversees the affairs and I was nominated to
take over from Bishop Simon Okah, who became the vice
president of PFN South South. The following clerics were
also nominated, Pastor Okafor Anene as deputy chairman,
PFN Delta State, Bishop Samuel Oyede as treasurer, while
other offices are by elections.
What has been your relationship with other pastors
and clergy since you became the state chairman of
Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria?
Very cordial. We are working together in harmony and in
accordance with PFN Slogan, “together we make a difference”.
We are moving the state forward spiritually, physically
and financially. Then development through prayer
and the word of God.
Bishop let me deviate a bit into politics. Our problem
in this country is our politicians the in face of economic
recession, do you agree with this assertion?
Our problem is not the politicians, but people in the
country as politicians are very few not up to five per cent
of the country population. Lack of fear of God, justice and
equity has been the bane of this country. So when the
people repent, Nigeria will change (2 chronicles 7:14) we
are cowards, we have not made up our mind for revolution
in this country. So the day we make up our mind that this
people must go, they will go.
What is your candid advice to the present day politicians
in the saddle of Power?
They should show love, listen to the cry of the masses,
bring up policies that will help to eliminate this economic
recession and protect the wealth of this nation because
many foreigners are coming to hijack our wealth today. The
Chinese have taken over our mineral resources, more expatriates
in the country are using colour to deceive Nigerians
whereas Nigerians know the job more than them.