Caring For The Hair During Rainy Season

THE rains are here again and a lot of us usually get
drenched accidentally while some of us equally love
to get drenched in the rain, play in the rain but one
thing we must not forget that in this season, hair care and
skin care is also important.
The rain may sometimes mess us up when we are caught
up outside our homes without proper weather forecast
and wet hair may not be very good for our hair.
The hair can be damaged when rain water is infused
with certain acids, chemicals, impurities etc which is why
hair care becomes extremely important at this raining
We will share what you should do and shouldn’t do
with your hair during the seasons what should be there
in your hair kit. Here are some hair styling tips for this
change in season.
Hair Care tips
The hair tends to get greasy and oily due to the humidity
level going up. Thus in the rainy season make sure that
you keep your scalp clean. One can use a mild every day
shampoo which helps to take off the impurities even if
you have wet your hair with rain water.
Hair Styling products
Hair styling is good for people who loves to sport perfect
hair but as the hair styling products will have chemicals,
they will further add grease and product build up when
can have negative effect on the scalp in rainy season.
So, you should try and minimize the use of hairstyling
Hair Conditioning
Your scalp becomes oilier than usual during but that
doesn’t mean the same for the hair strands. Hair strands
need conditioning and when you have rough dry hair
ends then hair conditioning becomes utmost important.
You may have noticed that during s, dusty winds are
common which can dry the hair further so, always use
a hair conditioner on the hair strands below the level of
the ears.
Hot Oil Massaging
The dusty dry winds can tangle the hair, make them dry
and damaged the cuticle of your hair. Hot oil massaging can
be extremely beneficial to give the hair its lost moisture.
Mix two to three types of oils like almond oil, olive oil
coconut oil etc and use these beneficial oils to massage
your scalp and hair. Keeping the oils overnight is good.
You can shampoo the next morning.
Scarves and caps
To protect your hair from getting damaged with winds
and other form of dust, you can wear scarves or caps.
Hair rinse to remove product build up and impurities
Rain water can have mild acids and impurities while
windy season will fill the scalp with dirt. In that case it
becomes very crucial for you to take extra step like washing
the hair with a homemade hair rinse once a week to get
squeaky clean scalp and also to remove any hair styling
product build up. For that, you will need lemon juice. Apply
lemon juice on the scalp after you have washed the hair
and wait for 5 minutes. Then rinse this with water. This
step will make the hair free of any dirt and product residue
and also makes the hair shinier.
Hair care tips for Hair fall and dandruff
Hair fall increases in raining season mostly because scalp
gets slightly wet and oily as compared with other seasons.
This is due to the increased humidity in the atmosphere
during rains So, to combat the hair fall, you can make sure
that the scalp is clean and washing it 3 times in a day or
daily. This will keep the scalp clean and oil free. Make sure
you use mild shampoo if you are washing the hair everyday
as harsh shampoos would disturb the natural pH balance
of the scalp.
This seasonal change makes us prone to get an infection
therefore make sure that your scalp is clean and if you
already have dandruff and itchy scalp then try some home
remedies to combat it.
As scalp problems can get worse when the weather is
humid and microbes get full sustainable condition to thrive
well. Here are some hair care tips to get rid of the dandruff
problem on rainy season.
• Apply lemon juice on the scalp and leave for 30
minutes then wash the hair. Do this two times in a week
• Apply tea tree oil or neem oil on the scalp to clear
off the fungal infection. Tea tree oil and neem oil are both
anti-fungal in nature thus will control the dandruff which
is a fungal scalp infection.
• Use curd on the hair as a pack for 30 minutes then
wash the hair. This will smoothen the dry hair and give
good relief in itchy scalp.
• Do not rub the comb too tightly over the scalp as
this can aggravate the condition rather sue wide toothed