Please, Save A Soul If You Have A Heart

LOVE, like the bible says, is patient, long suffering,
and peaceful; like the popular adage also, says”love
is blind.” But is love really blind? This is a very big
question we may need to ask ourselves after reading the
pathetic story of a 37 -year- old lady, Ikiere Pouwe Joy, from
Odimodi, Burutu local government area of Delta State.
This once beautiful lady full of life who is a a staff of
Faith Academy, Asaba, has become a shadow of herself
and incapacitated after a terrible accident which occurred
on June 17 2016 along the Anwai Road, Asaba.
Life itself can be trickish and like the Holy book says,
the heart of man is deceitful and desperately wicked, who
can know it ? Of a truth, some men can be mean ,heartless
and selfish
How else can one describe this wicked act of a man who
abandoned his fiancée to her fate after a terrible accident
which both of them were involved in on their way to the
hospital for the routine pregnancy test (which is one of
the vital requirements of most Pentecostal Churches) to
marry another woman, just because he sustained minor
Such is the story of this young beautiful lady, Pouwe
Ikiere who recently walked into the office of The Pointer
Newspaper to solicit for help from the general public
for N5M for some major surgeries to enable her be on
her feet again
According to her. she was in love with a police officer
who is a native of Imo state who, as a mobile police officer
was serving in Bayelsa. While they were on their way to
conduct some tests in respect to their upcoming wedding
which was supposed to take place on June 30 and 31, 2016,
a jeep on a very high speed veered off its lane and ran into
their vehicle and it took the grace of God to rescue her
because she was trapped in the car and it took the spirited
effort of kind passers-by and commuters to axe down
the public transport which was a taxi ,she was trapped
in to extricate. Meanwhile, she was the only person who
sustained a major injury with multiple bone fractures .
Being that the Federal Medical Centre ,(FMC) was on
strike, she was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital, Asaba, and
was later referred to Temple Cinic, Asaba, because it
lacked the necessary facilities for treatment . Her finance
only sustained a minor injury.
She was on admission at Temple Clinic for six weeks
and two days but after she was discharged she started
experiencing severe back pain and was forced to see a
physiotherapy in March and was referred to Ceder Crest
Hospital, Abuja, and, after consultation with the doctor ,
he disclosed to her that there were several fractures that
were not noticed before which could lead to permanent
damage . The doctor concluded that there will be three
major operations and she will need N5m for the correction
surgery .
Consequently, Miss joy is seeking assistance for N5m
from good spirited Nigerians to enable her under go a
correction surgery at Ceder Crest Hospital, Abuja
While Joy is battling with her life, her Police Officer ex
fiancé is happily married to another lady without berthing
an eye lid. Hmm, What a Life?
All donations should be chanelled to
Ikiere Pouwe
GT Bank 0214798727