Youths As Partners In Progress With Government, The Umuagu Example

WHEN first it was noticed, the reaction of most residents was if those behind the clearing of the drainages would remove the accumulated debris on the roads after clearing.
Their apprehension over this stemmed from their past observation when drainages were cleared of their contents (rubbish) without being removed from the places they were heaped, thus, constituting a hell of menace to the public. The dumped rubbish not removed; gradually find their way into the gutters if it is dry season. But if it is during rainy season, they return into the gutters no sooner than they are cleared from there as they are assisted by the rain, thus, defeating the very aim for which clearing of the drainages were embarked on.
So, one could see therefore why residents of Asaba, particularly those residing at Umuagu, expressed fear as to whether those behind the good work would follow it to the latter by ensuring that the whole exercise was carried out neatly.
Investigation by The Pointer revealed that Umuagu youths were the ones who out of their patriotism, did the job people all over have been commending. Not only did they embark on the work, they also ensured that the fear of the public that the debris being removed would not be evacuated from the points they were deposited was allayed through their timely intervention.
Prior to the time the gutters were cleared of their junks, the whole of them were clogged with cans of different makes, used pure water sachets and their plastic bottles, rags, dead rats, papers, cellophanes, torn plastic materials, and other forms of rubbish one can go on and on counting.
Even in dry season, these drainages which are constructed to channel water to the appropriate places designated for them are left there stagnant with all the junks in them, making them ugly spectacles to behold by the eyes. At night, even in the afternoon, they become a good breeding ground for mosquitoes which, as we all know, their prey on human body through biting is detrimental to one’s health profile.
Aware that government cannot at all time be shouldering the responsibility of all communities by embarking on different projects for them, especially now that the economy of the whole country appears to be lying prostrate, some youths rather than engaging in activities that can only land them in trouble and bring them disrepute, now find it more expedient to embark on assignments that will help promote further, the activities of the government of the day and enhance community development.
That is how it is supposed to be, rather than engaging in inimical activities that only engenders disorderliness in the society. Cases abound where youths in some communities are thrown into chaos caused by no other people but they themselves. A whole community is lacerated, with permanent scars left all over it as a result of the unwholesome activities of some youths whose only meaning to existence is violence, disruption and destruction to life.
If youths looked upon as the leaders of tomorrow continue to exhibit characters that will help in promoting community development and government’s activities, there is every tendency that the various societies they are found would be better for it.
There will be hope for the elderly that when they die, they will have people to carry on from where they stopped; the fear that when they depart, there will be no people to step into their good shoes to continue with the legacy they left behind, will no longer be there.
So, that is why the good work the Umuagu youths did by helping to evacuate gutters of rubbish that are spacelessly buried in them should be highly commended. The youths have through their action shown that they are truly working to ensure that their environment is properly maintained.
Those who were initially skeptical about the various heaps of rubbish dug out from the various drainages being cleared, have been proved wrong by the youths behind it, because every day in life, the consciousness to live better than yesterday is always
running in a sound mind; the idea to improve upon one’s life is there, being turned round and round like the vehicle in motion in a sane mind.
Speaking on the issue, a resident of Umuagu, who is also one of the youths in the place, Mr. Mike Efianya,
a businessman, said they had to embark on it as a way of showing their patriotism, letting the government, both local and state, and the elders of the community too, know that some youths could be associated with good things, not violence all the time.
Today, those not involved in such acts that are worthy of emulation will be willing to engage themselves in other areas of community development,
even as they still involve themselves in the environmental cleanliness of their areas.
We on this page highly commend the Umuagu youths for their self help initiative.