Chief James Onanefe Ibori Football Competition Kicks Off December 2017

A football tournament named after the former Delta
State Governor, Chief James Onanefe Ibori U-19
Football Competition, has been scheduled for December
The competition is geared towards discovering and
developing football talents who are less or at most, 19
years across the state so as to enhance their capabilities
and proper skills acquisitions.
This was exclusively disclosed to The Pointer Sports
yesterday by the Coordinator of Sports and Youths Development
Academy (SYDA), Chief Nzekwue Henry at his
office in Asaba.
He noted that SYDA has observed the need to engage
youths across the state in one sporting activity or the
other having been convinced that there is nobody that is
not gifted in one sport or the other but they only need to
be discovered and well guided to the point of harnessing
their God -given talent and carefully develop them.
He furthered observed that Chief James Onanefe Ibori,
the former Governor of Delta State would never be forgotten
for his discovery and development of Delta Youths
in Sports Development which helped his administration
to building a lasting legacy to the point that Delta State
became the first among equals till this moment in the
sporting scene in the Country.
Going back memory lane, Nzekwue recalled how the
State under the leadership of Chief Ibori made a remarkable
difference in the Bauchi 2000 National Sports Festival
where Delta State took over the leadership of sports development
in the country by winning over 106 gold medals
thereby, creating a wide margin between Delta and the
other States because of gainful utilization of youths especially
those in the creeks who would have been considered
of little or no value but were made ornaments of glory at
the feast of medals that did not only elevate their families
and communities but also the State and the Nation.
It is on this effort and exploit that the SYDA group found
him worthy to be honoured as one of the most frontline
Deltans in Sports Development and liberation of budding
sports enthusiasts who rose to stardom at the call of the
then Governor through the Ministry of Sports and Youth
Chief Nzekwe made it clear that SYDA has three football
competitions from the month of October to December in
While the December competition tagged Chief James
Onanefe Ibori U-19 Football Competition, the U-17 Football
Competition would most likely be dedicated to Senator
James Manager as the matter has not been finalized
as at the time of this discuss and would be called Senator
James Manager U-17 Football Competition scheduled to
take place in November while the first SYDA competitive
event for the year is the Lawrence Aghaegbunen Fejokwu
U-13 Championship billed for October.
These three persons being credited with the tournaments
have done so much for the empowerment of Deltans
especially youths in their various capacities and would be
encouraged to do more for others to emulate them, given
that goodness to humanity can never be wasted but are
like the wages of the sparrow that must be paid either
now, soon or later.
While no specific dates have been assigned to these
three events, SYDA has outlined the fixtures for them as
disclosed by the Coordinator. The U-13 events will have
two teams from each Local Government arising from the
very best Primary Schools in the Areas and they will all
come to compete at the competition.
The Under-17 will have one each from the 25 Local
Government Areas chosen from the Secondary Schools and
the Under-19 category would be taken from the Football
Club with each Local Government Area being represented
by just a Club.
This simply implies that all the categories will have their
Local Government Areas’ Competitions in order to get their
best teams to represent them at the various events.
These three football competitions are only the beginning
of what SYDA has planned for the development of Delta
youths sports wise as there are other events that would
unfold in the course of time for other sporting talents like
tennis, athletics, swimming and boxing and these youths
so discovered would not be left undeveloped.
Chief Nzekwue assured that sports development in
the state would take a more concerned dimension to
ensure that youths in the state are properly oriented and
purposeful in their goals in life than walking the streets aimlessly.