Mala Yousafzai: Promoting Women Education And Child’s Act, Development In Nigeria

HISTORY never repeats itself, it is man that does-Francois Voltaire. The renowned and youngest ever Nobel Prize laureate, Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani activist for female education known for human rights activism and advocacy , especially in education of women in her native Swat Valley in Khyber Pakhturhwa, Northwest Pakistan, has spread her tentacles and evangelism of promoting women Education to Nigeria. This shows that what Voltaire means when he referred to man in the above dictum does not mean man per se, but means either sex, that is man and woman.
In her recent visit to the Presidency hasurged the Federal Government of Nigeria to declare a state of emergency on education?She stated this duringthe visit to the Acting President of Nigeria, , ProfessorYemiOsinbanjo at thePresidential Villa, Abuja.She spoke the state correspondentsafter the meeting with the President, called on the government on the need to see that child’s right Act is implemented by the three tiers of government., one of the issues she discussed was education because Nigeria children boys / girls’ education is really
Secondly, she also stated thatall spending on education should be made public. Thirdly Child’s right Actshould be implemented in all the three tiers of government namely -local, states, and the federal government levels., The acting President responded well that they are ready to do more in education. Malala met the Chibok girls in her words ‘’I met with the Chibok girls and very happy seeing them going back to their homes and families and continuing their education.
I hope other girls that were abducted under the abduction of Boko Haram were also reached.
It could be recalled that in October 2012, Yousafzaiwas injured after a Talibanattempted to murder her. She remained unconscious in critical condition at the Rawalpindi Institute, but later her condition improved for her to be sent to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Until date the murder attempt sparked a national and international out pouring of support for MalalYousafzai .It was in this respect thatMalalathe youngest winner of of the Nobel Prize came into limelight while celebrating her 18th birthday in Lebanon by opening a school for the Syrian refugees. It was during the auspicious occasion thatshe called on leaders to invest in books and noty bullets.
In a related vein, The Deputy Secretary General of United Nations ,Amina Mohammed has called on Nigerian Government to increase the investment in the development of women, she stated this on Wednesday July 20,when she lead a team to the Acting President of the Giant of Africa , YemiOsinbajo to discuss the implementation of the agenda and how they could be supported, especially in the area of developmentof women to put women at thecentre of affairs. She has called
on Nigerian Government to increase investment in the development of womenand contributed to education. In the libertarian theory of the press in his book titled Liberty, John Stuart Mill argued that ‘’ifwe silence on opinion, we might be silencing the truth’’. It is also interesting to note that Malala also condemned the death of a fellow Nobel laureate , Liu Xiaobo. She condemned the treatment of her fellow peace prize – winner, Liu Xiao Bo following his death of liver cancer in custody. Liu, 61 was jailed for 11 years in 2009 for inciting subversion of state power after he helped write a petition knownas Charter 08 calling for sweeping political reforms in China. His incarceration meant that he was unable to collect his Nobel Prize in 2010. And he became the second winner to die in the state custody, the first being Carl von Ossietzky in Germany in 1938. Liu’s wife Liu’s Xia remains under the effective house arrest. ‘’I condemn any government who denies people freedom ‘’ Malala 20 , came to prominence when the a Taliban gunman shot her in in the head in 2012, she told Reuters School in the Northern Nigeria city of Maiduguri. I’ m hoping that people will learn from what Liu did and join together and fight for freedom, fight for people’ rights and fight for equality ‘’.
For Malala to establish a school at her age is worthy of commendation. We can emulate and replicate that in our Nigerian milieu if we can’t contribute to Malala’s Fund, because Victor Hugo said ‘’he who opens a school closes the prison’’ It is also said that a child educated only at a school is a child uneducated and a child uneducated is a child lost. How can we regain our lost Glory and children? It is better to rekindle their hopes, it is only then,they can flourish like the Palm trees planted by the Riverside of Lebanon.
There is MalalaFund,a non-profit Organisation that supports local education projects which pays for school in Bekaa Valley close to the Syrian Border. According to Malala, the school can welcome up to 200 girls aged between 14-18 years in her words ‘’today is my first day as an adult , on behalf of the world children I demand of Leaders that we must invest in books. Today Lebanon is the home to 1.2 Million of the 4 Million refugees that have fled Syrian War to neighbouring Countries. There are about 500,000 Syrian School age Children in Lebanon but only fifth are in formal education. Lebanon which allows informal settlements or land rented by refugees say it no longer cope with the Influx from Syrian four years conflict. This is a Pointer to the fact that war, Crises or Conflicts in whatever name that is coated is not good rather it is Devastating.
Today MalalaYousafzi is breaking the barriers of education and has acted as an elixir to this piece and also a wake up from their Slumber.And she is like mother Theresa of Calcutta when viewed from a different angle. Whether she gives us fish or not for the fact that she is teaching us how to fish we are almost on our track, if we do not derail.
One of such wake up calls was once echoed by a university Don, Professor Ibrahim Gbajabiamila, when he called on President Buhari to declare a state of Emergency in education Sector to enable the nation to tackle the myriad problems confronting the sector. According to the University Don, Over 10 Million school Children in Nigeria are Roaming the Street, the highest in the whole world added that the Situation was the same years ago that is why our Children are trooping to other African Countries and Malaysia, Indonesia, Italy et cera