Stop Politicizing UPU Affairs, Umukoro Tells Urhobo Politicians

NATIONAL Press Secretary, Urhobo Progress Union,
UPU, youth wing, worldwide, Comr. Efemena Umukoro,
has asked Urhobo politicians to stop politicizing
UPU, saying that UPU remains an ethnic body and not
a political organization.
He also advised Urhobo politicians to stop projecting
the Delta State Governor, Sen. Ifeanyi Okowa, in bad light,
stating that their continuous political interference in UPU
affairs was placing the governor in bad light, hence they
must steer clear of UPU affairs.
Umukoro, who bared his mind in an interview in Abraka,
said the call became necessary due to the way Urhobo
politicians are meddling in the affairs of the union, urging
them to exercise restraint so as not to put Urhobo nation
in further disarray.
He said: “ For them (Urhobo politicians) meddling in
the affairs of UPU, is making it look as if the governor
has interest in who leads the union . And we know that,
Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, will never meddle in the affairs
of UPU because he (Okowa) is an honorable man, rather,
our greedy politicians are the ones using government apparatus
to destroy UPU.
“Our people must understand that, before they became
APC or PDP members, they were Urhobos and are still
Urhobos. Let the interest of Urhobo come first before
any other interest. Secondly, UPU elders should follow
strictly the constitutional provisions of UPU in settling
the crisis.
“If they can eliminate politics from UPU affairs, then
settlement will be a reality. Personally, in my own opinion,
nobody should take sides with Chief Joe Omene or
Chief Moses Taiga. If this two persons really mean well
for Urhobo nation, let them sit on a roundtable and find
out the stance of the constitution on the matter and also,
for the interest of Urhobo nation; let one step down for
the other.
“We all know that the crisis in UPU is because of 2019
election. I appeal to all to, as a matter of urgency, eliminate
politics out of UPU because that is the only way UPU can
stand again.