Improved Electricity Supply

SOME residents of Asaba and its environs are still battling
to come to terms with the increased level of electricity
supply to the area from the public mains, which has
caused much excitement and disbelief. The residents, since
the past few weeks, have enjoyed an unprecedented power
supply which has beaten a record time in the area.
Such excitement is not misplaced, considering the fact
that the country has been bedeviled with inadequate power
supply that has impaired socio-economic activities and sent
some fledging companies into bankruptcy and premature
Media reports indicate that the increased supply followed a
proportionate increase in power generation which has maintained
an upward movement. The Minister of Power, Works
and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, at the 18th monthly power
sector and stakeholders’ meeting held in Kano recently, confirmed
that power generation and transmission in the country
had improved beyond what was recorded in 2016.
We are delighted by the positive development witnessed
in the power sector this period. We make bold to describe it
as unprecedented, considering the degree of ineptitude and
non- performance that had characterized the sector all these
Even after the emergence of the present administration,
Nigerians have had to contend with the nightmare of living
in virtual darkness due to lack of electricity supply.With this
development, we enjoin all relevant sections and stakeholders
in the sector to remain committed and determined to sustain
the achievements that have been thus recorded.
Considering that Delta State is desirous of accelerated development,
which cause the improved supply of electricity
can greatly help, we urge the Benin Electricity Distribution
Company (BEDC) which is the DISCO in charge of the area to
key into the increased power generation by taking a higher
load level to ensure regular electricity distribution to residents
of the state. As a developing state, most small and medium
scale enterprises must be encouraged through regular
electricity supply. When these entrepreneurs are developed,
the economy of the state vis-à-vis the country will improve
While we applaud BEDC for this stride, we urge the operators
to not only make necessary investments that will ensure
sustenance of electricity supply, but also to make the prepaid
meters available to consumers. No doubt, availability of the
meters will elicit co-operation from consumers and such
mutual relationship will further promote enhanced service
The availability of meters will also stop the distribution of
outrageous bills in the name of bill estimation by BEDC. The
unenviable culture of estimated bills has strained relationship
between consumers and the service providers, as well
as unavoidably painted BEDC black and perceptibly opaque.
We are also of the opinion that BEDC should try to fund the
repair of its faulty transformers and other equipment, rather
than compelling consumers to fund such projects.
Undoubtedly, we are disturbed that the enhanced supply so
far witnessed some level of power fluctuation that has caused
partial damage in homes and urge the electricity distributors
to regularise voltage and check power upsurges.
To Deltans and other residents of the state, we must appreciate
the improved electricity supply by promptly paying
our legitimate bills. Such payments will encourage BEDC to
render the expected services which will help in revitalising
our infrastructure and boosting the economy.
If this situation is sustained in the next few months, Nigerians,
particularly residents of Delta State , will enjoy the advantages
inherent in the positive development, both in the use of
household appliances and in boosting their businesses.