Deltans Call For Construction Of More Housing Estates In Asaba, Environs

WORRIED by the socio-economic problems caused by inadequate accommodation across the urban centres of Delta State, especially in Asaba, the state capital, Deltans have called for the construction of more housing estates and the encouragement of developers to invest in housing estates.
The rapid urbanization and the high rate of population growth in Asaba, occasioned by the creation of Delta State, necessitated the need for an approach that will promote and enhance rapid housing provision to solve the accommodation problem in Asaba and other urban centres across the state.
Following the stress caused by the housing problem in the state, the poor and under-privileged in the society, most of who are scattered around the periphery of the city in unsafe areas, have called for the investment of the construction of low income housing units.
While commending the state government for embarking on the construction of the existing and ongoing housing estates across the state, stressed the importance of embracing the Sites and Services Scheme (which was equally adopted by many developing countries, including Nigeria) to provide housing for the poor and under-privileged in the society.
Besides, the 150 housing units, along the Ibusa Road, lack of enthusiasm in the investment of housing units, especially, the Sites and Services Scheme and others are not encouraging, hence, the call for more from both the public and private sectors of the economic.
While our respondents called for more involvement or participation of private sector to address the housing needs of the people, they pleaded with the state government to construct more housing units, like the 150 housing units along the Ibusa Road, near completion and made up of 50 one-bedroom apartments, 50 two-bedroom apartment and 50 three-bedroom apartments.
Mr. Mike Azuka, while calling for the construction of more low income housing estates in Asaba and other urban centres across the state, said that the investment in such projects will curb the socio-economic –related problems caused high accommodation demand.
In her contribution, Mrs. Ngozi Nduka, a civil servant in the state, urged the state government to introduce Sites and Services Scheme to attract developers to invest in low-income housing estates.
According to her, the introduction of the scheme would attract developers in the housing industry to erect more, so that the poor who could not afford the rising cost of constructing houses could afford to secure one.
Arc Ken Chidubemu said that in Sites and Services Scheme, the government or its agency, provides infrastructure serviced plots for individuals who are then encouraged to erect their own type of buildings, by providing within the scheme, access roads, drainage, water, sewage, electricity and a variety of other individual as well as community services.
The Pointer Property & Homes learnt that the underlying principle of Sites and Services project is that the authorities (government or private) would provide the land and the infrastructural facilities, while the individual and his family who are allocated the serviced plot; proceed to build their houses in accordance with approved plans but of their own choice.