Crisis Looms In Ashama Community

BY INNOCENT OSAKWE/OGWASHI-UKU CRISIS is looming in Ashama community in
Aniocha South Council Area of the state
following the alleged face-off between
the Obi and some indigenes of the community.
But the Obi, Solomon Iwum in a telephone
chart with our correspondent said there is no
crisis in the community as all trouble has been
put to rest.
Findings by our correspondent indicate
that trouble started when the alleged vigilante
chairman of the community, Tony Osamor and
his group impounded a motorcycle that was
operating at a late hour, contrary to the new
by-law recently passed by the Aniocha South
Local Government banning motorcycle from
operating beyond 8:00pm each day.
“We arrested one Mr. Nwachukwu who is
a motorcycle operator at about 12:00am. The
following day, we carried the motorcycle to the
police station in Ogwashi-Uku and deposited
it there.
I was still in Ogwashi-Uku when somebody
from our community called me and informed
me that the Obi has detailed the youth leader,
Chukwudi Ijeh and his boys to arrest me and
bring me to the palace for impounding the
motorcycle of the victim.
“And true to it, as I arrived our community
the youths came down on me and attempted to
bundle me to the palace. It was while I asked
them to let me get to my home first before
coming to the palace they attacked me with broken bottle, insisting that I must go with
them immediately.
I was stabbed on the back and right hand by
them. We impounded the motorcycle because
the man was ridding at an odd hour”, said
While lamenting the incidence, Osamor
alleged that even some of the indigenes who
attempted to broker peace in the matter were
attacked by the youths and given 100 strokes of
the cane. “Such level of humiliation is one thing
I have never seen before. Imagine a situation
when an advance man is flogged as if he is a
primary one pupil”, he said. But when contacted
on the phone, the Youth’s President, Chukwudi
Ijeh denied any complicity in the matter, saying
that he has no issue with anybody and should
therefore not be dragged into the matter.
But the Obi in his further reactions maintained
that the matter is a face-off between
the youths, adding that he never did direct the
youths to attack anyone.
According to him, “It was after the incidence
I got wind of it. But I have cautioned the youths
and I can tell you that there is peace in the
Nevertheless, let me make it clear that
Tony Osamor is not the vigilante chairman of
Ashama community. From what I learnt, he
was wounded when he fought with the youths
of the community.
“Even before I came back from South Africa
where I was to take up the mantle of the throne,
so many things have already gone wrong in the
community, so the whole incidence was not just
starting now”, he said.