Delta Transport Service Limited (Delta Line): Matters Arising

The problems that have necessitated the abysmal performance
of Delta Transport Service, operators of Delta Line, in delivering
on its statutory function of providing transport services,
with appreciable intakes, were revealed recently to the chagrin of
Delta State Government and the citizenry.
Indeed, the poor growth of Delta Line was captured a fortnight
ago by the Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the Governor on Transport,
Comrade Chibuzor Charles Uwajeh, who attributed the failure
ouijyuf the company to sundry factors, with the alleged workers’
unproductive attitude and selfish inclinations having encumbered
the company’s progress.
Uwajeh, in his reaction to the protest by the workers, under the
aegis of Amalgamated Union of Public Corporation, Civil Service
Technical and Recreational Employees (AUPCTR E), over government’s
decision to partner the private sector to revamp Delta Line,
alleged that the workers had indulged in illegal sale of company’s
motor engines, spare parts and motor vehicles and even pocketed
money realized from outstations of the company.
In this era of economic recession and insufficiency of money to
finance major projects, it is absurd to blame the authority for the
decision to hand over the company to private transport operators.
The stagnated growth and multiple problems militating against
the company’s growth justify the government’s decision to cede a
chunk of its equity shares in the company to a private investor, God
is Good Motors (GIGM).
There is no hiding the fact that for years, Delta Line has faced serious
challenges and outright decline in its service delivery due to
poor management, poor work ethics and personal aggrandizement.
It was established for increased service delivery, profit making and
to address the welfare needs of its workers. Unfortunately, the reverse
has been the case, while the state government has intermittently
invested millions of naira to salvage the company.
For instance, a few years ago, 200 buses were purchased for Delta
Line, but most, if not all, have either disappeared or in very bad
condition. Delta Line has been in decay for about two decades and
even the occasional change of leadership has not brought the desired
results. On the part of the management and staff, there seemed to
be no serious effort to increase the fleet of the company or perform
optimally and satisfactorily in recent times.
This appalling performance underscores the need for the latest
government initiative and justifies it. After all, it is sheer lack of
wisdom for a people to continually make the same mistakes all the
time and expect different results. Of course, no investor will watch
his investment nose dive without seeking ways to salvage it. On this
score, the Delta State Government has done the right thing as the
partnership with God is Good Motors will provide a fresh vista to
resuscitate the ailing company.
It is, therefore, our considered opinion that, rather than antagonize
the partial privatization process, workers should embrace the new
arrangement and prove themselves as worthy stakeholders who truly
want the company brought back to life. The effective resuscitation of
the company will enhance the collective interest of members of staff
and enable it meet the needs of the commuting public.
We, however, plead with the Delta State Government to monitor the
running of the company by the new management to justify the basis
for its selection. This is because, Deltans as stakeholders may from
now on take a keener interest in the company’s activities in order
to assess how much the company has improved vis-à-vis its pitiable
present situation.
In this wise, the management of God is Good Motors, which has made
its mark in the transport industry across Nigeria, should justify their
choice as operator of Delta Line, by upholding the virtues that have
made them excel as one of the leading transport companies in Nigeria.
In other words, they must introduce measures to grow the company
in terms of efficiency and profitability