The Man, Prophet Igbodo Living For The People

By Obi Chiejile EVER READ William Shakespeare’s “Twelfth
Night”? The acclaimed writer, Francis
Bacon, an English essayist and a states man
(15th Century) did say if the title of the book,
‘Twelfth Night’ is querried as to appropriateness,
he advised, “Call it what you Will’ as the
alternative title of the book.
On equal comparativeness, taking our bearing
from the full gamut of this discourse, “Prophet
Igbodo Living For The People”, we would aptly,
having assessed, the nitty-gritty of the story, and
judging Igbodo’s commitment to the well being
of the widows and orphans in the society, title
this discourse, “Prophet Igbodo, Champion of
Widows and Orphans”.
Apparently, therefore, playing not to the
gallery, but with all the truth and exactness,
following Prophet Joseph Igbodo in tandem in
all his outings, sharing with the widows and
orphans their grief and donating to their comfort
so as to give them the sense of belonging, we
will aggregatively acquiesce to the truism of the
alternative titles of “Prophet Igbodo Living For
The People” or “Prophet Igbodo, Champion of
the Widows and Orphans”
However we take our plunge into the mainstream
of this discourse with the ensuing utopia
Were it possible to identify one’s bearing for
one’s place of fortune in life and time possibly
through cabalistic device and application,
nobody would waste years, groping to get at the
fortune destined for one in one’s life journey.
I think if that was the scenario in life, one
would at birth crawl (creep) to the main stream
of the fortune without going circumlocatorily
bizarre and in tedium in search of it, the fortune.
This condition was enjoyed prior to the full of
It could be reasonably argued that the condition
of beating about the bush in utter consternation
and frustration in search of where the fortune lies
could, at times, be contingent upon generational
curse which descended from Adam and his wife,
Eve to mankind. Conversely, at first, during the
period of cosmogony, God purposed that man
would not know suffering in the wide expanse
of the Beautiful Garden of Eden (BGOE).
It is therefore not to be controverted, nor
blushed aside with a wave of hand that the
truism of our suffering descended from our
Adamic uncompromising attitude of flagrant
behaviour to God’s injunction, “of all the trees
in the Garden of Eden, eat, but for this one don’t
eat it for the day you will eat, you shall die.
Disobedience is known to be the first and mother
of all sins in the world.
In His mercy, God sent the second Adam, our
Lord Jesus Christ came to the fight and rescue.
The First Adam sined, mankind, thus fell short
of the glory of God with the Second Adam out
of sheer sympathy came to the rescue by laying
down His life on the Cross of Calvary and yielded
the Ghost. He picked up His life after three days
(resurrection) to reign for ever with the Father.
All we have talked about in the foregone
paragraphs were preparatory toward telling
hard the life story in summary of a truly man
of God, Prophet Joseph Igbodo. He came that
widows and orphans would enjoy life by the
Grace of God.
The ageing prophet in his early 60s born not
with silver spoon in his mouth for his is not
of wealthy parentage of Irrua, Esan East Local
Government Area of Edo State extraction.
Prophet Igbodo oscillated from one walk of
life, first as teacher, later in his middle age, to
building material seller at Iregwa Street, Agbor,
headquarters of Ika South Local Government
Area of Delta State, to another.
As God would not launch him into the purpose
for which he was created by his Creator – God,
Igbodo started getting worried over profession
that he would glue to, to profit himself and his
immediate environment and possibly beyond his
environment’s frontiers.
Finding no job satisfaction in teaching and
selling of building materials, like the call of
Barnabas and Paul (separate me Barnabas and
Paul, for the work where unto, I have called them
courtesy of Acts 13:2 he mysteriously heard a
call from no where, but believed to be a Divine
driven voice to comeout from the jostling crowd
of people to serve Him and live for the people.
Consequent upon the call which he did not resist,
he, understandably left for Minna, Niger State
sojourning not less than seven years, receiving
Divine instruction, not only to become a man
of God, but to be a prophet unto the people,
impacting upon their lives.
Could it be said that Prophet Joseph Igbodo is
living for the people and if at all yes, How did he
impact on the lives of the people?
In John 10:10: Our Lord Jesus Christ said
He came that we may have life and have it
more abundantly (in paraphrases). In no less
comparative analysis, Joseph came to live in
Ika areas to live for the afflicted persons as the
widows, orphans, physically challenged and
sermonize to the broken hearted.
Based on the scenario advanced above, he was
equally instructed to establish a church christened
“Divine Faith Evangelical Mission International at
Charles Street Isede/New Road, Agbor with addendal
Christianly outfit, “Job Orphanage” where the orphans
are domiciled, fed, clothed and medically taken care of
in a coxy atmospheric environment.
The prophet moved by compassion as if Matthew
25:35-36 “For I was hungry you gave me meat: ‘I was
thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger and ye
took me in: Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and
ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me”.
(paraphrased) he decided to venture into missionary
adventure relying on James 1:27 “Pure religion and
undefiled before God and the Father is this; to visit the
fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep
Divine Faith Evangelical Mission Street Isede/New Road, Agbor outfit, “Job Orphanage” where the clothed and medically taken care environment. The prophet Matthew 25:35-36 “For I was hungry thirsty, and ye gave me drink: me in: Naked, and ye clothed me: I was in prison, and ye came Prophet Joseph Igbodo Igbodo accompanied by his pastors, deacons
and equipped with treatment accessories,
after devotion with the inmates and a select –
committee of the elders of the town responsible
for the Nursing Centre, made some donation
to them.
The items donated included seven bags of rice,
boxes of indomie, cartons of tablet soaps, bags
of detergents, tissue papers, bag of table water
and above all a live cow which they slaughter.
These religious philanthropic gestures had
earlier been carried out at Alisimie – Agbor;
Abavo; Igbodo, Oza-no-go-go, Alihagwu, Uromi-
Edo State among other places.
It is not to be disputed that Prophet Igbodo
has found his bearing through the Divine
Compass to be the champion of the widows and
orphans wherever they may be.
It is therefore our Canvass-in-Chief that
Prophet Igbodo, with all the entrails of all that
aggregate to the seeming assertive headline,
yet true, that Prophet Igbodo is Living For the
People or call him “Igbodo, the champion of
widows and orphans”.
Quod Erat Demonstradum (QED)! May Have