Man Sets Lady’s House On Fire For Refusing Sexual Advances

There are a lot of things happening nowadays, particularly in the criminal world that beats one’s imagination.
lso, many criminals have confessed indulging
in crime for different reasons.
nd it is clear that as man lives, many unbelievable
things will continue to happen, whether good or bad.
In this regard, in Okuokoko town, Okpe Local Government Area of Delta State, something
wonderful has happened.
21- year old man, Jonathan Esiuwu, has allegedly burnt the house of a 26- year old lady for reportedly refusing his sexual advances
to her for years.
he Pointer gathered that the suspect, who is now a guest of the police, had made several advances to the victim but she turned down his request to have sex with him.
So, the suspect who could not hold back his urge to have sex with the lady became furious
and decided to rape her.
Consequently, , he perfected plan to storm the house of the lady at night, which he did, but luck ran out on him, when, after gaining entry into the victim’s apartment, the lady summed courage, reach out for a wood in the house and hit him on the head, thereby, jeopardizing him from carrying out the rape plan.
fter the incident, he ran to one of his friends and told him what the lady had done to him,, as a result of which the friend reportedly
offered to join forces with him so that they can teach her a lesson.
ccording to the suspect, they then went to the house of the lady, thinking that she was at home; they poured fuel round the building and set it ablaze.
When asked by newsmen what angered him most to set the house of the lady ablaze, the suspect said “I love her, I want to be her friend but she refused for many years, and moreover she refused to have sex with me, and then hit me stick on the head, that is why I burnt the house to teach her a lesson of her life”
“For years, I had no sex with any woman because
all of them refuse my sex request even if I give them money, on that day, I couldn’t hold myself back as the urge to have sex with this lady was very high, I know what I did was wrong but it was after the crime that the whole thing became clear to me,; please, I beg for forgiveness”
Parading the suspect before newsmen, Delta
State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Zanna Mohammed Ibrahim, said the victim was in the house sleeping when she heard a knock on her door, and behold it was the suspect, then she refused to open the door.
he police boss said the suspect who jumped through the fence forced the door open and was attempting to rape the lady but the victim hit him on the head with a wood.
He said the suspect later came back and set their house ablaze and was arrested upon report by the victim at the Orereokpe Police Station.CP Ibrahim said the matter is under investigation after which the suspect will be charge to court.