Organ Trafficking: Another Show Of Man’s Inhumanity

MANKIND has overtime experienced a lot of strange, unbelievable occurrences, depicting wickedness and proving how desperately wicked the heart of man has become as espoused by the Christian Holy Book, the bible.
From the growing gang of prostitution which has come to be identified as one of the oldest professions in the world which has traversed beyond national borders to lesbianism, gays cum homosexuality, leading to same sex marriages, to human trafficking, ritual killings and now, organ harvesting, which is the illegal removal of human organs or tissues without a person’s consent, to be sold on the black market for organ transplants.
There is no limit to the extent some persons go in their search for “better life.” And greener pastures. This search has often left a number of people battered and incapacitated because many go about it the wrong way and with desperation. The consequences of this expedition especially among the young and vulnerable has continued prove fatal as it has endangered the lives of citizens of many nations.
Sometimes one wonders whatever explanation those who engage in these inhuman activities may have to justify their actions, especially in this century. The underlying factors that appear to boost these acts, which are not just against fellow humans, but also against God and the laws of natural justice is greed, ignorance, avarice and the desire to get rich quickly. Testimonies from those who have fallen victim and who for share providence are lucky to survive unhurt and even those caught as suspects can clearly prove this point.
Ironically, the question of whether or not the pasture is actually green anywhere outside human efforts backed by providence is a topic for another day.
Sometime ago, I came across a post in one of the whatsapp groups I belong warning parents, especially to counsel their female children/undergraduates against going on emergency trips, particularly with strangers, who might end up being organ harvesters. That was accompanied by a video clip with footings showing a gang of about four men of some foreign national, at least from the language they spoke, crudely removing kidneys and other vital organs from a young lady they had first of all knocked into unconsciousness by hitting a heavy object her on the head. The way and manner in which they so crudely and brazenly carried out the operation on a fellow human victim got me terrified.
Not quite long after that, I came across a discussion on Channels TV on organ harvesting and the Chinese government’s role in boosting the inhuman act to the extent that a particular sect of worshippers in China have become endangered because of the preference for organs harvested from them because by their beliefs and way of life as vegetarians, their organs are healthy and much sought after by/for those requiring organ transplant.
From investigations and reports in both social media platforms and newspapers, organ harvesting has for years been thriving across international boundries with victims cheaply, but ignorantly giving themselves away as is the case of many youngsters in their attempt to leave the country through illegal means or even those who had succeeded in getting into these countries but were unable to meet the stipulated conditions from their sponsors and guards.
Also, a recent investigation by the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP), organ trafficking is a form of human trafficking and an organised crime, falling into three categories; cases which are not only complicated, but also on the increase and are often taken for ritual killings/murder in some parts of the country.
The agency revealed the categories to include traffickers who trick their victims into giving up an organ for no cost; con artists who convince victims to sell their organs and fail to pay or pay less than they agreed to pay while some doctors who treat people for ailments which may or may not exist and remove their organs without the victim’s knowledge and that the illegal operations have affected Nigerian nationals, including youths who are lured by syndicates not just within the country but also foreign countries like Malaysia, China, Egypt, India and a host of others.
I agree with the NAPTIP Director-General, Julie Okah-Donli that countries need to look into other human trafficking-related offences like pornography and prostitution because just like organ trafficking, there are a lot of demands for them, while the profits derived from the organ harvesting business are high because there is a ready market for it and people are ready to buy organs for any amount because they are desperate to live.
While it is a good thing that government is already taking steps to check the spread of the trend and save many gullible persons from falling victim, the need arises more than ever before for parents to enlighten their children, especially female ones and indeed, all relations, young and old on the need to always be at the right place all the time as the time otherwise they will fall prey perpetrators of this evil.
A lot of cases abound of missing people of all ages whose relations never get to trace. Who knows, many of them could have fallen victim to ritual killers or organ harvesters.
Like Frank Olize, the popular News Line anchor of those days, I ask, “Do you know where your children are,” especially the teenagers and undergraduate children?