Gov Wike Versus Ex-Gov Amaechi In Two Fighting

IT happened on the streets of Port Harcourt, the Garden
City. Both ruled over Rivers State – the Treasure Base of
the Nation.
Amaechi was the Governor of Rivers State for two terms.
During those glorious years, they were chummy friends and
brothers from Ikwerre land.
Before becoming Governor, Rotimi Amaechi was Speaker
of the Rivers State House of Assembly and therefore, he had
good grounding in the politics of Rivers State.
In between those chummy years of good times, Nyesom
Wike was Rotimi Amaechi’s Chief of Staff.
The current duel between the two-some smacks of some
deeper mischief and ill-will between the two-some.
In his own way, Wike was a Minister of State for Education
under the former President, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and
their disagreements started from there.
Rotimi as governor did not see eye to eye with the former
First Lady, Patience Jonathan, who often had encounters with
Rotimi, which they both did not find too flattering or funny.
The height of the misgivings came to a head when Rotimi
Amaechi jumped from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)
boat and crossed over to join Maj.-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari
and was reported to have virtually emptied the Rivers
State Treasury to bank roll President Buhari’s presidential
campaigns along with four other PDP governors.
With President Buhari’s triumph at the 2015 polls, he
quickly made Rotimi Amaechi Minister of Transport.
The battle lines had been drawn. Daily, Governor Wike
had accused Rotimi of looting billions of naira from Rivers
State coffers.
The president had permanently turned deaf ears to
Governor Wike’s tirades of thievery against the bleary eyed
Amaechi, who seemed permanently agitated and combative
at the slightest opportunity.
This anger seemed to have deepened and any time former
Governor Amaechi is going home to Ikwerre land where they
both hail from, he is more fortified than a state governor with
an entourage meant for state governors.
Last weekend, their two convoys were involved in what our
people call ‘Two Fighting’ on the busy streets of Port Harcourt
where huge areas of dustbins and wastes had been cleared
by the two dissenting adult Ikwerre governors.
Governor Wike claimed that “they almost killed me,”
referring to Amaechi’s security escorts.
In a counter accusation, Rotimi also claimed Wike’s
security operatives “pointed their guns at me to kill me.”
The continuous public nuisance displayed by the two
dissenting Ikwerre politicians has become a show of shame
and it must be condemned by all well meaning Nigerians.
The Ikwerrization of Rivers politics must be called to order
by the presidency, who alone can discipline both minister
and governor.
The heightening of political unease and nuisance by
two eminent sons of Rivers State is not edifying for the
younger politicians to emulate and one only hopes that the
traditional rulers in Ikwerre land can step in to call their
sons to order.
In a strict sense of the word, protocol demands that
convoys of state governors should take precedence over
those of ministers and one is surprised that two men should
exhibit their ill manners on the highways for their people to
see and clap along.
Ideally, there is only one governor in all the 36 states of
the federation and protocol demands that governors should
be accorded such respect at all times.
For the Minister of Transport to parade himself on the
streets of Port Harcourt as the shadow governor is definitely
an invitation to anarchy in a state bedevilled by multiple cult
groups was bound to create civil disorder where innocent
flying bullets by overzealous police and army escorts would
want to show they must protect their bosses at all costs.
Rivers State is much more than Ikwerre land and it has its
riverine components in the Izons, who inhabit the aquatic
reaches of the state with Opobo facing the Atlantic Ocean.
The unredeemed public disgrace by the governor and
minister must be condemned by all, on the highways of
the Garden City now being turned into a boxing arena by
gubernatorial pugilists.
If Amaechi and Nwike think they can fight or wrestle in
a gym, they should leave their security operatives in their
offices and move their battles to the Yakubu Gowon Stadium
and exhibit their pugilistic skills before a paying crowd for
a fee.
I think the Rivers people should use their votes to stop
any other Ikwerre from aspiring to the Government House
in Port Harcourt in 2019.
The gubernatorial rascality being displayed by the two
leading Ikwerre sons in Rivers State had given a bad name
to their ethnic nationality.
Nysom Nwike being the Governor should have restrained
his escort troops, who were accused of pointing their guns
at Minister Rotimi Amaechi. If any of them had died, it could
have been a loss to Ikwerre land.
Beyond the power and glory they both enjoy as top public
officers in the service of the nation; courtesy demands that
ministers as a matter of protocol allow convoys of governors
to have a right of way on the streets of Port Harcourt.
With the rumours of Governor Wike scheming to become
a Vice President in 2019, it may well be that they are both
gathering steam for their 2019 presidential elections.
Who will Amaechi pair with as a running mate in 2019,
Atiku, another candidate from the North? Is he working
towards displacing Prof. Yemi Osinbajo in 2019 to become a
Vice President to Buhari?
These are interesting and exciting times ahead of 2019.