Delta State Lottery Releases Winning Jackpot Numbers

THE Delta State lottery has released
the winning jackpot numbers for last
week’s draw.
The winning numbers for the Delta Jackpot
category are eleven, ten, thirty- four,
forty -eight, thirteen and thirty- one (11,
10, 34, 48, 13 and 31).
The Managing Director (MD), Delta State
Lottery, Chief Ken Iwelomu, stated that anyone
who got the six numbers correct in the
Jackpot category would win the cash prize
of N2million, saying that those who are able
to get three or four numbers correct out
of the six winning numbers also stand the
chance of winning the cash prize ranging
from N50, 000 to N10, 000.
In the Delta Lucky Three Numbers category,
where winners stand the chance of
winning N40, 000 if he/she gets the three
lucky winning numbers correctly, the winning
numbers are four, eight and three (4,
8 and 3).
The MD stated that the numbers may not
follow in the order listed above but that, so
far the player has the winning numbers.
He revealed that many people have won
various cash prizes in the Delta State Lottery
since it was officially launched in the
State in October, 2017, even as he encouraged
Deltans to keep on if they have not