Those Issuing Threats In Niger Delta Are ‘Laptop Militants,’ Says E.K Clark

A leader of the Pan-
Niger Delta Forum,
PANDEF, Edwin Clark,
has stated that he and his
group were not intimidated
by fresh threats by militants
in the region.
He said this in reaction to
warning by the Reformed
Niger Delta Avengers,
that they would resume
hostilities should the
Fede ra l Gove rnment
recognise PANDEF forum
as the mouthpiece of the
Niger Delta people.
Clark advised Nigerians
to dismiss the threat
because the group doesn’t
“Th o s e a r e l a p t o p
militants; they don’t exist.
Four of them will sit down
in their houses and be
issuing threats”, he said..
“These threats have
existed since November,
2016 when we met with
Mr. President at the Villa.
Some of these faceless boys
issued the same threat and
since then, they have been
issuing threats.”
Clark also spoke on the
heavy presence of security
agents at the venue of
PANDEF recent meeting.
H i s wo r d s : “ T h e
Fede ra l Gove rnment
was responsible for the unfor tunate incident .
I s a y t h i s b e c a u s e I
contacted the Director of
Operations, Department
of State Services in Abuja,
who confirmed that they
received an order from
“They (DSS) did not give
any reason. So, we are asking
them to give us reasons
because we are not enemies
of the government; we are
friends of the government
and we are doing our best
to ensure peace in the Niger
“We had the last meeting
with the Acting President
then on the 3rd of August,
which lasted for about three
hours – from 7pm to 10pm.
About 10 of our members
attended a council meeting
in Akure; that meeting was
organised by the Ministry
of Niger Delta.
“So, we don’t know why
they should block our
assembly. We want them
to give us the reason why
they did so. We are not
a political body. Even a
political body has freedom
to move, freedom of speech
and freedom of assembly.
We were not doing anything
against anybody.
“They should have come
to ask us if they considered
our action as a threat to the
government. If they don’t
give us an answer, then
we will re-examine the